It's the perfect time to buy a pair of headphones for your kids or use your smart home device to listen to a family-friendly show because summer break is here. These podcasts are more than just a bunch of fun, they are also great ways to supplement your child's education.

Common Sense Media, a nonprofit advocacy group that provides expert technology and entertainment recommendations to families and teachers, recently announced a new expansion of its Selection Seal, which recognizes media with significant quality and impact on families and society at large. The organization launched its first rating and review site in April of this year, which seeks to inform the public about the educational value of each show, its co-listening ability, and the quality of audio. The best of the best for families and kids can be found in the latest announcement. The editorial standards for overall quality are based on diversity, impactful themes, and positive messages.

There are 21 shows on the list of Common Sense Selections, ranging from stories of time travel and Puerto Rican culture to kid friendly news and science programs.

Laura Ordoez, head of podcast ratings and reviews for Common Sense Media, said that "it's very clear the podcast world is growing, but what's less obvious is how impactful and innovative kids and family podcasts are and will continue to be." The organization wants to aid parents and kids in their search for educational, creative shows and help more families see the "incredibly diverse and dynamic media format as both an educational and entertainment resource for kids and families"

Each piece of media on Common Sense's site is reviewed according to child development best practices and the minimum age for which the content is appropriate is displayed. The star rating reflects the quality and learning potential. You can find more about the ratings system on the website.

Check out a few notable picks below, and then visit Common Sense's website for the full list of approved and reviewed Common Sense selections.

For younger kids and storytelling

Circle Round, 5 stars (ages 2+)

The 15- to 20-minute versions of famous folk tales from around the world are narrated by big names across stage and screen, like broadway actress Phillipa Soo and chef and TV personality Samin Nosrat. The cultural tales are interwoven with its overarching themes and celebrity guest in order to engage even the youngest audience. The show's central themes of courage, compassion, empathy, and self-control are highlighted in the organization's review.

Story Seeds, 5 stars (ages 6+)

The show is perfect for book lovers of all ages, as young aspiring writers team up with established children's authors to outline and write their own books. The process of turning one child's "story seeds" into a full-fledged narrative is followed in each episode. According to Common Sense Media, the episodes emphasize representation and foster a sense of empowerment for children who have different ideas. Positive role models and diverse representation are what the organization rates the show 5 stars for, and they recommend the show's bonus Q&A with each author as additional material for interested families.

Newsy Paloozi, 5 stars (ages 7+)

For children interested in current events or for parents interested in big conversations about international politics, science, and other topics, this is a good place to start. Each episode has warnings for those who may want to skip certain news, as well as a child correspondent in conversation with an adult in order to better understand what is happening. The positive effect on media literacy can be found in the educational content of this podcasts.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, 5 stars (ages 7+)

The book of the same name, part of the Rebel Girls series, is the inspiration for The Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. According to Common Sense Media, this audio version of the story shows positive role modeling and messaging for children. The new Rebel Girls App has the same positive content, as well as additional playlists, sleep stories, and sound effects for all ages.

For kids exploring bigger topics

Stoopkid Stories, 4 stars (ages 8+)

The story of a diverse neighborhood of black children and their families navigating daily life in a fictional neighborhood is based on her own experiences growing up in Baltimore. Heavy discussions about social activism, racial justice, addiction, and grief can be found in the stories of early childhood. Common Sense Media says that the episodes can help spark important conversations between parents and their children because they are easy for young children to understand.

The Activators!, 5 stars (ages 8+)

The show spotlights the work of successful young activists who are trying to change the world for the better. Each young leader is hosted by a kid activist and Disney+ actor. Many of the kid leaders run nonprofits that help in-need communities, and they hope to inspire others to get involved or start their own movement for social change. According to Common Sense Media, the way that Perry succinctly communicated the institutional context behind each movement, all while emphasizing a hope for the future, was noted.

Mija Podcast, 5 stars (ages 8+)

Each season of the MijaPodcast focuses on the members and experiences of a different immigrant family and is available in multiple languages. The creator of the show is a daughter of immigrants from New York. The voice of a daughter is used to tell her family's story. For any worried parents, the show includes descriptions of perilous experiences and racism.

A Kids Book About: The Podcast, 5 stars (ages 8+, some recommend 10+)

According to Common Sense Media, the A Kids Book About book series tackles sensitive, important topics for families and children in a way that fosters compassion, courage, and curiosity. Body image, racism, gender equality, sexuality, and even specific current and historical events are covered in the episodes. Kids and adults who have lived experiences with each topic are guiding the episodes.

For the preteen and teen audiophiles 

The Two Princes, 5 stars (ages 8+)

A classic fantasy tale of mythical beasts and star-crossed lovers is the basis of The Two Princes. The romance is centered on two princes as they defeat evil and meet a variety of characters during their cross-kingdom travels. There are explorations of sexuality and young love in the story. Parents might be just as happy to listen to this fantasy story about LGBTQ identity as their kids are because it has an impressive celebrity cast.

Hold Me Back, 4 stars (ages 13+)

This talk show is hosted by father and son duo, and tackles subjects that parents and their teens face daily. The father and son are both psychologists and the younger will graduate high school next year. Personal experiences, as well as societal struggles like social media use and the college admissions process are covered in episodes. Positive messaging, role models, and education are given high marks by Common Sense Media.