The Cruise robotaxis blocked traffic in San Francisco for hours on Tuesday after they stopped working.

The details of the incident were shared on the internet in order to show how the vehicles are still having problems in real life.

Since February, Cruise has been testing its technology in San Francisco, but only launched a commercial service last week. There is no human safety driver in the cars. Lifts can only be offered between the hours of 10PM and 6AM when the weather is good.

There are at least five cars stopped in the street. The person who shared the pictures said it happened around midnight.

The first thing I say to my coworker is that they are going to kill us. It was very strange. The cars had to be taken away by humans. Cruise should be fined for blocking the road for so long. The street sweeper couldn't hit an entire block because of it.

It took Cruise employees a long time to move the cars after they showed up. He said it was a huge failure.

Cruise acknowledged the incident in a statement, but gave no details on why it happened or if it could happen again.

The issue caused some of the vehicles to cluster together. We apologize to anyone who was affected by the problem.

It is not the first time Cruise has had a problem with his technology. The incident was due to human error, according to Cruise. The company said that they pulled over to the nearest safe location for the traffic stop after yielding to the police car. An officer contacted Cruise personnel.