Competitive shooter games are a sustainable industry trend. Even for first-person shooter games, phones can deliver top-notch gaming experiences.

The fact that mobile shooters have cut out a nice niche within the pro-gaming community makes this sound crazy, but it's true. People who love to stream, or want to try playing for cash in a tournament, can take advantage of the competitive esports leagues that are offered by franchised games.

Like other online games, mobile games reward teams who can practice and train together, or you can just jump into the game and have fun. If you're looking for a less violent game, check out our favorites.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale

There are bullethells. The beloved Bullet Hell Monday has spawned a worthy successor, Bullet Hell Monday finale. This newer version keeps most of what made the original game so valuable, and adds a much-needed endless mode so that seasoned players can push the limits of the leaderboards.


You pilot a ship and blast your way through a gauntlet of bullets. You can start with just a few abilities and use one hand to move and attack and the other to launch bombs. New abilities will be gained as you progress. You can skip levels that are proving to be too much of a challenge without penalty if you choose the Easy Mode.

The graphics are stylish, vibrant, and bold, the game is easy to play, and the soundtrack is great. If you're looking for a good time with an arcade game, this is it.

Call of Duty: Mobile

It was only a matter of time before a mobile version of Call of Duty was released by the publisher. There are a number of ways to play with friends or strangers. The parameters are different depending on the mode you choose.

  • Team Deathmatch is pretty standard fare, with random respawn points and each team racing to get to 50 kills (40 if you're playing a ranked match)
  • Frontline is similar to Team Deathmatch, except each team's respawn point is fixed on either side of the map.
  • Domination adds in capture points that each team must secure and hold to earn points. The first team to reach the score limit wins.
  • Search and Destroy is a tactical mode with no respawns played over several rounds. One team is tasked with destroying an objective, while the other team plays defense.

Team Deathmatch is the only ranked mode that can start in un ranked matches. As you climb the rankings ladder, ranked domination and search and destroy modes are unlocked.

You can play in solo, duo, or 4 person team modes in the Battle Royale mode. The Battle Royale mode introduces a class system that can help your team on the battlefield. A 20v20 match on the Battle Royale map will lead to an all out war as both teams race to reach 150 kills first.

Call of Duty: Mobile is free to play. If players buy in-app currency, they can spend it on a premium battle pass for more rewards, or on cosmetics for their character and weapons. You don't need to pay attention to the in-app purchases in order to enjoy the game, but they are there for those who care.

Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a very good first-person shooter. There are three game modes to choose from: bomb defusing, team death match, and gun game. With over one million active daily players, you'll always be able to jump into a match quickly.

It's kind of got that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare vibe to it, with a healthy dose of CounterStrike to create a best-of-both-worlds scenario that offers great graphics and solid controls. It's free to play with in-app purchases available, but you can only buy skins for your guns, and the developers have assured players that this game will never be pay to win.

I like how quickly you can get into a match here. When I have a few minutes to kill, Critical Ops is my go-to shooter.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a first-person shooter set in a nightmare. There is a long campaign, plenty of weapon and implant upgrades to chase, and more.

You have to shoot or cut your enemies into gory pieces in this game. Player discretion is recommended. Dead Effect 2 looks great. There is a katana. grinding to upgrade your weapons is one of the freemium nonsense. It's a lot of fun to shoot.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best zombie-shooting experiences on mobile. There are many tongue-in- cheek references and over-the-top baddies in the game, but the graphics are amazing. The players now have their own hideout and a crew that can build stuff for them.

If you're in range you'll automatically start shooting if you move the crosshairs over a zombie. There are tons of missions to enjoy, but the in-app purchases were scaled back, so now you can buy and build everything yourself.

Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a bright and colorful cartoony first-person shooter that doesn't take itself too seriously, but still delivers one of the purest competitive online shooter games forANDROID. The game gets all the basics right, with quick and responsive controls, well designed maps, and a healthy community of players.

4v4 death matches allow for a mix of rush assaults, close-quarters combat, and long-range sniping. Guns of Boom's greatest strength is how easy it is to load the app and start playing.

You can spend time in the menus connecting with friends, organizing with a clan, or diving into the game to buy and upgrade weapons and health kits with in-game cash and gold.

It's possible that Guns of Boom will give you the feeling that it's pay-to-win once you get up to a certain level with the hardcore players who have invested a lot of money into the game. If you complete all your daily challenges, the game will give you lots of money and powerups.

Hitman: Sniper

Agent 47 is stationed outside of an estate filled with rich people, bodyguards and a high priority target. As long as it's through a scope, your job is to take your time, plan a course of action, and start removing enemies.

You can spend the extra money you get from each mission on new weapons and equipment. If you're proud of a mission, use the Share Replay function to let your friends know.

The game has nice graphics and great mechanics, it requires you to lead enemies on the move and account for unexpected actions. They will not shoot back but will try to help you escape.

Controls are easy to use, and you won't have to worry about lining up the shot. When you miss a few shots and set off some alarms, the music is great and the voice acting is good. No ads or in-app purchases are allowed in this shooter.

Infinity Ops

There is only one game that pulled me away from CoD Mobile. The sci-fi aesthetic is not the only thing that makes this game special. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses.

People appreciate robust social features. There are more than one clan. There is a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Different environments with different levels of gravity add to the game flow.

If that sounds interesting to you, then I highly suggest you check out the game, it feels like Bright Memory meets Destiny 2, so if that sounds interesting to you, then I would recommend it. Microtransactions go towards new weapons and gear in the game. The game has jetpacks.

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5 Blackout has been re-christened to take advantage of the eSports movement. I would love to be proven wrong, but I'm pretty sure it won't take off as a popular game.

You can get an edge on your competition with a proper controller in your hand, since it's still a solid mobileFPS with dazzling graphics and options to play through the solo campaign or take it online.

When it was first released, this game was trying to shine a light on the Call of Duty series. If you've never checked out Modern Combat 5, it's still worth your time even though Call of Duty has a proper release.

Modern Strike Online

Are you not interested in anything other than the thrill of playing online? Modern Strike Online has everything we've come to expect from a pure online first person shooter: features, game modes, and more. You can play any of the seven game modes, which include free-for-all, team deathmatch, seek and destroy, and a hardcore mode.

In-game currency can be purchased through in-app purchases or earned through daily rewards. New weapons, armor, and accessories are included in your credits. Over 30 types of weapons are available to rent or buy, with a decent amount of personalization available.

You'll find it to be as complete as you'll find on the phone. To get the most out of your device, you'll want to modify your controls and screen layout first. When you're already using your thumbs to move and look around, it's a good idea to have your gun fire as soon as an enemy enters your crosshairs.

There is an occasional in-game ad and constant pressure to invest real cash, but it is not intrusive. There is a lot of fun and loot to be had with the daily rewards.

Overkill 3

Being on rails is a third person shooter that guides you through the level. Your job is to shoot people. It sounds easy. The recent disposal of entry-position bad guys has no bearing on what is to come because of Overkill.

You can choose a loadout from the armory before each mission to get new weapons and gear. The stars are used to unlocked more missions if you complete certain objectives. There is a tally at the end of each level that keeps track of your progress.

Overkill 3 has a co-op mode that lets you team up with a friend or random player to destroy the enemies. There are a lot of in-app purchases.

PUBG Mobile

It is amazing how well the game is played on the phone. The biggest attraction is the Battle Royale mode that pits 100 players against each other on a massive island loaded with weapons, gear, and vehicles. You must use your best skills to take down your opponents until you are the last one standing.

New maps and arcade modes are added to the game every couple of months, unlike other free-to-play games, which only add new content once a year.

There is a tiered progression ladder with a free game pass and a premium ladder that gives more rewards. The game pass resets every six to eight weeks to introduce a new season of premium cosmetics.

If you're looking for a more competitive experience, you can join a clan where you can team up and practice. There is a bustling community due to its popularity. Do you think you have what it takes? You can try out for a competitive team, start competing in private tournaments, and then assemble your best squad to enter the mobile club open

There is a deep, well-rounded, and varied gaming experience with graphics, controls, and game performance scaled down perfectly for use on mobile devices. There's so much to enjoy here that you don't have to pay for premium game passes. I almost gave up playing the core Battle Royale mode because of the Team Deathmatch and zombie modes.

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force has had some ups and downs, but Reloaded is the best it has ever been. It has a lot of progressions to keep you busy and beautiful. You're not always on edge because the controls are smooth.

Sky Force Reloaded is a good place to start playing a bullet hell game. The name of the game suggests a storm of bullets and other projectiles on screen that you have to navigate through to survive. Sky Force Reloaded is more of a shoot-'em-up than a hardcore bullet hell experience, but I think it is a good way for new players to get their feet wet.

If you're a battle-hardened bullethell or shmup veteran, you can still enjoy Sky Force Reloaded. It requires a lot of skills. Everyone can find a lot to like in this game.


This 5v5 top-down shooter is a blast to play, with a real-time physics engine that makes every match unique, and offers you multiple ways to attack your opponent.

Tacticool takes a ruthless approach to 5v5 tactical game play by letting the battle unfold but players want on a destructible battlefield, built with real-time physics and vehicles available to drive at your leisure. Tacticool provides fast and frantic action that gives the player more freedom in the game than most shooter games I've played.

Tacticool deserves all the praise it gets, but it's not without its share of problems. The weapon upgrade system rewards those who spend real money in the game, and it's not too long before you start playing against players who have invested some cash. It's not that anyone I've seen has spent a lot of money to become godlike, but it takes a lot more cunning to take out a paid player.


Unkilled is a polished first-person shooter with over 150 missions and multiple online modes to choose from.

You can upgrade your skills and weapon load-out with points you accumulate as you play, if you choose your preferred character class.

If you want to have an advantage against the zombies as well as your online opponents, you should use theBluetooth controller. When you load the game, you can simply sync your controller with your phone.


Implosion: Never Lose Hope gave me a big vibe, but with an emphasis on ranged rather than melee combat. You have to blast your way through the metal halls and spooky labs if you want to take down the Mutants.

You will get new weapons, deploy special powers, and shine a light into the dark corners of the facility as you descend 70 levels of the overrun facility.

The dual-stick action plays well and it's fast paced. What more would you like?

Trigger happy gaming

Modern convention says shooters come in all shapes and sizes, but that's not true. You want to see zombies explode. There are times when you want to sweat buckets as you dodge obstacles. Sometimes you want to team up with people you don't know to claim victory.

There's a shooter out there for you if any of these describe your needs. It's hard to single out any of the games on this list since they're all pretty great quality, but for my money, I would recommend Bullet Hell Monday Finale or Tacticool, as I think many shooter fans haven't given these ones a chance yet.

It was meant as a pun.

It was added to our list.