A group of Cruise self-driving cars parked up at an intersection in San Francisco, blocking traffic for several hours. They weren't supposed to do that

The real reason for the mistake was an issue with the platform's software, not the robot uprising.

Some of the vehicles were taken over by Cruise personnel and others were moved via remote intervention.

There are a bunch of Cruise cars stuck on the streets near the wharf. At least eight of Cruise's vehicles were parked across the street. The scene was captured by a post on the social networking site.

Some @Cruise robotaxis appeared to be stuck in SF last night at the corner of Gough St. and Fulton St.

Human ops apparently had to rescue them. Still some kinks to iron out. pic.twitter.com/eXDocjVfHU

— Taylor Ogan (@TaylorOgan) June 30, 2022

Just days after Cruise started charging passengers for the rides in San Francisco, there was a strange incident in which a person was stabbed.

Cruise has permission to operate between 10 pm and 6 a.m. when the roads are quiet. Passengers are alone in the car because there is no backup driver. It's not clear if there were riders in the cars.

Drew Pusateri told Digital Trends that there was an issue with some of the vehicles. We apologize to anyone who was affected by it.

It is not known if the authorities will punish Cruise for an apparent traffic violation, or if the city has a system in place for dealing with autonomously driving cars that are found to have broken the law.

The idea of pulling over a vehicle without anyone in it is still new to the city's cops.

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