The cells of aborted fetuses are not contained in the Covid-19 vaccine. Cells obtained from abortions decades ago were used in vaccine testing, a practice that is common in vaccine testing.

A group of doctors, nurses and other health care workers brought a case against the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York in regards to the state's vaccine mandate. The Supreme Court declined to hear the challenge on Thursday despite the district court issuing a preliminary injunction.

The lower court ruling that New York's mandate does not violate the First Amendment was upheld by the Court. Health care workers were either fired, resigned, or decided to receive the vaccine.

Conservative justices joined Thomas in his dissent. Some Thomas defenders said that he was just repeating the allegations made by those who were not getting the vaccine.

Thomas believes that the court should have granted a petition to open for full deliberation to determine if a mandate like New York's can ever be neutral if it doesn't exempt religious conduct but allows secular conduct.

Those who are highly allergic to the vaccine can get a medical exemption.

Thomas writes that he respectfully dissents because he would address this issue now in the ordinary course.