V Cartaauban is an online platform that helps investors back private companies from start to finish. Carta framed the deal as a way to support investors of all sizes, from the sub- million-dollar level into the billions of dollars worth of dry powder.

The price of the deal will not be revealed beyond what the company wrote in a post on its website. The entire Vauban team is joining.

Carta says it just used its own product to establish a new — and far higher — valuation for itself

The acquisition is another example of the growing competitive surface area between Carta and AngelList, two platforms that are racing to build a software suite that will solve some of the pain points of venture capital-backed startup.

Angel List Stack is a new suite of products that will compete with Carta in providing services to help founders start, operate and maintain ownership over their companies. Business banking, adviser equity grants, and cap table management are covered in the new software. The market for helping entrepreneurs set up and run their business is hot because ofStripe's Atlas service.

The platform appears to be eyeing Angel List Venture's investor focused operations with its Vauban deal.

Over 400 investment vehicles have been created by the platform created by Vauban. The company has over $1 billion in invested capital.

$3.6 billion has been invested into funds and syndicates by Angel List Venture. The platform has at least 800 investment vehicles. Vauban is younger than it.

AngelList Venture has a new look

Vauban is louder in its focus on European venture capital and startup than AngelList is. The international angle seems to be what got Carta interested in the beginning.

More than 50% of funds in the U.S. have at least one non-U.S. partner, according to a post by a VP of product at Carta.

Paunikar said that venture is global. Funds can be launched from the U.S., U.K., British Virgin Islands, and soon from Luxembourg on one platform. They are able to accept capital from all over the world.

During a time when many venture-backed startups were downsizing, Carta cut 16% of its staff. The $500 million round led by Silver Lake was one of the largest rounds of funding in the history of the company. The company was worth around $7.4 billion at that time. The Vauban deal may not be the last that we see from the company.