The mobile app can now be used to uninstall your social media accounts. In order to comply with Apple's updated App Store Review Guidelines that now mandate all apps that offer account creation must also include account deletion within the app, the Meta-owned social media app has now rolled out a new option that lets you choose to remove your account from the app.

You used to have to use a web browser on a desktop or mobile device in order to uninstall your account. This option is now available within the company's app. You can uninstall the account through the app, but it won't remove your data from the server. The full deletion option was not offered by the app, so many users may have simply deleted their accounts.

This is an image on the social media site.

This is an image on the social media site.

We want to make it easier for people to control their time on the photo sharing site. There is an option to temporarily disabled your account before you choose to remove it from your account.

You have 30 days to stop the removal of your account from the app. It's similar to deactivation in that it gives users a cooling-off period during which they can decide if they want to leave the app. If they launch the app again, their account will be deleted.

This is an image on the social media site.

Apple told developers in May that they would have to include account deletion methods in their apps. The company said that if an app doesn't comply with the rules, they might face delays in reviewing it.

Account deletion must be offered within the app if account creation is supported. According to the company's guidelines, apps can't require users to provide personal information to function.

Deactivating accounts won't be enough according to the firm. The entire account record should be deleted along with associated personal data. You can offer more options, but only temporarily disabling an account is enough.

The deactivation option is highlighted by using a big blue button that encourages users to click through in the picture above. The deletion option isn't highlighted

The other apps are following Apple's new policy. It's not uncommon for Meta-owned apps to offer account deletion, but it's rare for them to offer a link to an account deletion page. Telegram doesn't have an option to get rid of an account. If we hear back, we will update if these companies decide to do so.