Daniel Jones

The good life is being lived by Daniel Jones. Someone who makes $6 million a year lives in a neighborhood in New Jersey. He doesn't take a long ferry into New York for work, he just drives up the road to the New York Giants practice facility If he doesn't improve his play this season, it will affect his life in five years.

The Giants don't think Jones is good enough to be their quarterback of the future. The future of the No. 6 pick in the upcoming draft will be decided in the year 2022.

Dave Gettelman spent four years building an awful roster. The offensive line play, wide receiver group, and defense of the Giants have been poor. The wobbling cart of a football team did not win more than six games in a single season.

While the Giants mess was assembled mostly by Gettleman, the player that he selected in the 2019: Jones, was supposed to be the quarterback to bring consistent winning back to New York. His on-field decision making has resulted in many turnovers and bad plays. He fumbled the ball 19 times in his first season. Jones has reduced his turnovers over the last two seasons, but he also threw fewer touchdown passes in 2020 and 2012 than he did in the previous two years.

When Jones was profiled by the New York Post, nobody in the coffee shop bothered them. His play has not led to a lot of excitement or victories. Fans aren't going to feel much for their franchise quarterback because he is a quiet person and he is wearing a helmet. Saquon Barkley can't stay healthy and the Giants' pass protection has been abysmal. Their defense finished 19th and 18th in 2020. If there are no spices in the cupboard, it's hard to know if Jones can cook.

Jon Schoen is the general manager of the Giants and he seems to be ready to turn the franchise into a contender. They picked up Evan Neal from Alabama to help the offensive line at No. 7.

The inside of the offensive line was shored up with the help of Jon and Mark. The new front office has a plan. For the first time in his career, Jones will walk into a huddle with people who are above average. He has a new head coach who did wonders with Josh Allen. With a new coaching staff, Allen will be working with his fifth offensive coordinator in his short tenure, but he has dealt with instability before. A well thought out scheme that plays to his strengths is worth trying to shorten the learning curve.

Jones will be in the free agent pool in 2023 if he doesn't have a career year in 2020. Jones is not blameless despite his inconsistent play on the field and bad moves off of it. If he gets more time to throw the football this year, he has to show that he can make the right decisions and lead his team to something bigger than just making the playoffs. Jones needs to pick up the offense quickly. The new Giants regime did not extend Jones' contract or opt into the final year.

In this situation, the writing is usually on the wall for the quarterback. It is so difficult to find a quarterback in the NFL that it is important for teams to stick with what they have. It hasn't worked for the Giants with Jones, and the staff is aware of that Jones told Schwartz that he wasn't thinking about his contract at the moment.

That shouldn't be. The tape of Allen should be for hours a day. While he wouldn't admit it to Schwartz, Jones can show on the field that the problem with the Giants wasn't him. All of the other players were brought on by Gettleman.