The new date is Jun 28, 2022.

The Biden administration will take steps to help shore up access to medication abortion and protect patients and providers in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision.

Protests Break Out Across The U.S. As Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

People are protesting against the Supreme Court's decision in the health case.

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The Department of Health and Human Services will take steps to increase access to medication abortion, including making sure states can't ban abortion pills because they're protected under federal law in cases of rape.

Guidance on medication abortions will be provided by the agency.

HHS will assert and defend our legal authorities, but what action it takes will depend on what states do.

Privacy and non-discrimination rights for abortion patients and providers will be ensured by the direction of Becerra.

Ensuring that the clinical judgement of healthcare providers to treat pregnant patients are protected is one of the things the department will do.

Family planning methods like IUDs will be protected by the agency, as birth control access also comes under threat.

"There is no magic bullet, but if there is something we can do, we will find it and we will do it at HHS."

Key Background

A wave of state-level abortion bans began immediately following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the landmark 1973 ruling. 34 Democratic senators sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Saturday urging him to use the full power of his office to help shore up abortion rights. Biden and other top Democrats have been criticized on the left for telling Americans to vote if they don't agree with the court's decision. According to the Washington Post, Rep. Cori Bush said that they can't just tell people to vote. They look at us and say, "We already voted for you."

The Supreme Court's decision will have an impact on voter turnout, as Democratic strategists hope their base's anger over the ruling will increase voter turnout. After the ruling came out, the share of Democrats who said they were very enthusiastic about voting went up eight percentage points.


The White House has been urged to allow abortions on federal lands even in states where the procedure is against the law. Even if the abortions take place on federal property, people who aren't federal employees could still be prosecuted under state laws. Biden has refused to add justices to the Supreme Court in order to counterbalance the court's conservative tilt.

The Supreme Court overturned a landmark abortion decision.

Half of voters don't approve of the Supreme Court's ruling.

Democrats are growing angry over caution on abortion.

Senate Democrats want Biden to act on abortion. The New York Times is a daily newspaper in the United States.