The forum will be one to remember. We are pulling out all the stops as we explore the future of travel and convene industry leaders this September, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary at Skift.

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As we gear up for the full-scale return of Skift Global Forum 2022, we wanted to share a bit more of the details behind what is new this year and why this will keep happening. Skift is 10 years old this year and we are pulling out all the stops.

First Round of Speakers

Skift forums will feature candid conversations with travel's top CEOs. Some of the leaders from top travel brands are already confirmed.

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The promise of travel remains as important as ever, and we will look ahead with both optimism and vigilance at an industry that is both Re connected and Re reimagined.

  • How will travel adapt to a future that is far less certain and far less predictable?
  • When will the industry take more coordinated action on climate change?
  • How will the “Great Merging” across our work and personal lives continue to shift how we travel?
  • What are destinations doing to balance the return of travelers with the needs of local communities?
  • How is the traveler experience being reshaped to fit the demands of tech-savvy consumers?
  • What are the industry’s leaders doing to drive travel’s future as a global economic force for good?
Interior of the Glasshouses venue in New York City

A New Venue

The Glasshouse is a new venue on the west side of Manhattan and is one of the top new event spaces in NYC. Our stage and common areas will be bathed in natural light thanks to floor to ceiling windows and views of the Hudson river. Hundreds of travel leaders will gather here for three days of networking, stage talks, and other activities.

“This Is Not a Freakin’ Trade Show”

Skift editors and research analysts will investigate the global, economic and technology trends that are shaping travel across aviation, technology, destinations, online booking, and more. Throughout the past 10 years of Skift, we have made it clear that this is not a trade show.

New Pricing

We wanted to make SGF accessible so that we could bring the industry together in this important moment. We made it easy to attend with a single ticket price of $1,695 each, and group tickets for two or more starting at $1,500 each. Skift premium subscribers have access to online attendance. You can read more on our page.

Don’t Miss Out

Skift Global Forum is one of the most popular events of the year. You can register for the Skift Global Forum.

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