In the Stanley Cup Final, the Lightning were playing with one hand behind their back and one leg, starting with Point.

BriseBois said the center had a quad tear. He missed 10 games due to an injury he sustained in the first round of the playoffs. He didn't play again after he came back for the first and second games of the Final. BriseBois said he will be fine in a few weeks.

As they tried to win their third straight Stanley Cup but lost in six games, Point's injury was one of many.

On a cross-check from Toews in the third game of the Final, Nikita Kucherov injured his knee and missed the rest of the season. He had three helpers in the Final.

Pierre-Edouard had an injured knee entering the playoffs. In the second round, Brandon Hagel broke his foot after taking a puck off his foot. Ryan was playing in the Eastern Conference finals with a broken finger.

The forwards injured their shoulders against the Rangers. The other shoulder was torn in the Final. Paul injured his knee against the Av's.

All are expected to be in good shape for next season.

Hockey players often say that everyone has an injury when the playoffs start. Colorado played fewer games in the playoffs and had more time to recuperate.