Social media channels are putting video content front and center on their feeds, as audiences increasingly turn to TikTok, Reels, and live videos to be entertained, discover products, and even learn about exciting new brands

Maximizing the value of video is a key part of helping marketers exceed their goals.

Over 500 professionals that specialize in video marketing were surveyed to find out more about the top strategies and opportunities. Video marketing's effectiveness was obvious immediately.

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Where should you focus your efforts when it comes to video marketing? Video marketers gave us insights about all sorts of topics and tactics.

Let's get started.

Video Marketing Survey Findings

Video Marketing Benchmarks

Is it worth it to make a video if nobody sees it?

Video marketers were asked how many views their videos got. We found what we were looking for.

  • 38% of marketing videos average less than 10K views
  • 16% average under 1,000 views
  • 16% average over 100K views

Views aren't the only metric marketers track The best measure of your video's performance is one of the many data points you can keep an eye on.

The Most Prioritized Video Marketing Metrics

You will want to improve on a few other metrics once you start getting views.

Video engagement, conversion rate, and click-through rate are some of the metrics that are looked at by video marketers.

most important video marketing metrics

We will dig a bit deeper into the significance of each metric.

1. Engagement Rate

Engagement is the most important metric to watch. When a video sees high engagement, that means it is connecting with your audience in a way that makes them want to watch it again and again.

2. Conversion Rate

It's a good indicator of how successful your video is at getting viewers to take the desired action.

3. Click-through Rate Speaks to Your Thumbnail and Title/Caption

If you want to know how effective your thumbnail is at getting people to watch the video, look at the click-through rate. Your audience will see the title and caption of the video before they watch it.

4. Follower and Subscriber Growth

If you are gaining followers or subscribers from a video, they want to see more from you.

Try to think about what sets this video apart from the rest and duplicate it if your video grows more than usual. To find out how these new subscribers found your video, check your analytic data. What can you do to keep them entertained?

5. Average View Time

It's important to understand which parts of your video are engaging and which parts need more work or should be cut out completely. Check the percentage of viewers watching at key moments in the video to see if the average can offer useful insights.

If a lot of viewers stick around through the introduction, you succeeded. The video may have been too long if you saw a big drop off halfway through.

We asked video marketers how long a video should last. They told us what they had to say.

How Long Should a Marketing Video Be?

The best length of a marketing video is under 10 minutes.

Some people think videos should be between 1-2 minutes, while others think they should be between 3-6 minutes. The best video length is under 60 seconds. 15% of people think that videos should last between 7 and 9 minutes.

The length of your video depends on which type of video best fits your goals. Let's take a look at video marketers' top goals in the years to come.

Video Marketing Goals

32% of marketers focus on each goal of the top three video marketing goals.

More than one-fourth of marketers want to improve the understanding of their products and services, while 23% want to improve customer service.

top video marketing goals in 2022

Our survey shows that video marketing is highly effective for reaching all of these goals, so let's take a look at some of the strategies video marketers are using to succeed.

Video Marketing Strategies

The Top Tactics for Creating Effective Videos

In order to create effective marketing videos, you need to promote your video, capture viewers' attention in the first few seconds, and keep your videos short.

most important video content factors

Why Video Promotion Is Key

It can be tempting to devote all of your time to making the perfect video with slick edits and high production value. Without effective video promotion, these things are lost.

In a recent trends survey, we found that 80% of consumers think it's more important for a marketing video to be authentic and personable than high-quality. It isn't going to break a video's success if you neglect video/audio quality

whats most important when watching videos

Video marketers use a number of different strategies to make sure that your video doesn't flop.

How to Promote a Marketing Video

Adding videos to your website is one of the most effective video promotion strategies.

top video promotion strategies

Sharing a video isn't enough if you want to promote video. After a video is published, effective video promotion begins.

If your video is going to go live on the internet in the next 24 hours, you should start a story on your social media accounts. Before the video starts, share the thumbnail and title. As soon as your video releases, make a short film to hook viewers in and post it on social media.

Once the video is out, you can run an interactive poll related to your video on social media to engage your core audience and get the attention of those who haven't watched it yet. Adding a banner to your website linking to the video is one of the ways you can announce your video.

Make sure to promote when the chance arises. Drop it in the comment section of the thread if you think your content could add value to the discussion.

Let's take a look at which video formats are the most effective.

Top Video Formats

Short-form, long-form, and live videos are the most popular video formats. In this section, we will look at which type of video has the best return on investment, how long each type of video should be, and a few relevant benchmark.

1. Short-form Video

Short-form is the top format for lead generation and engagement.

top video formats

34% of video marketers plan to invest more in short-form video than any other format, and 45% will use it for the first time this year, as the use of short-form video grows.

You might be wondering how long a short-form video should be. A majority of video marketers agree that a short-form video is under 60 seconds and that the optimal length is 31 to 60 seconds.

optimal short form video length

Almost all short-form videos are watched for more than 40% of their duration, which is unsurprising since they are quick to watch. Half of them are watched for at least 80% of their length.

As your audience replays the videos over and over, the average watch percentage can be much higher.

Half of short-form marketing videos have a click-through rate between 5 and 8%.

2. Long-Form Video

In this survey, long-form videos are defined as videos over three minutes.

most engaging video formats

42% of video marketers will use long-form video for the first time this year, and 18% will invest more in it than any other format.

The ideal length for a long-form video is 3-6 minutes, according to a majority of video marketers.

One in four long-form marketing videos see an average watch percentage of more than 70%. 22% falls between 21 and 40%.

The biggest chunk of long-form marketing videos is between 5% and 8%, which is similar to the amount of short-form videos.

3. Live Videos/Live Streams Metrics And Benchmarks

32% of video marketers use live videos or streams, with 4% for return on investment and 3% for engagement. 34% of video marketers are planning on using live streams for the first time in 2022.

what video formats are marketers leveraging

Video marketers say the optimal length is between 4-9 minutes. One in five people recommend a longer time frame of 10-30 minutes, while 22% prefer to go live for 1-2 minutes.

When it comes to the average percentage of a video watched, over half of live videos fall for less than a minute.

The Top Video Marketing Channels

1. Social Media

More than 75% of video marketers use social media to share their videos, and it has the highest return on investment of any video marketing channel. The most effective way to generate leads from marketing videos is through it.

Sixty-six percent of video marketers plan to invest more in sharing videos on social media than any other channel this year, as the use of social media for sharing marketing videos grows. Almost 2 in 3 people who never used social media for sharing videos will do so for the first time this year.

2. Blog/Website Pages

A website is used by 45% of video marketers to share their videos, has the highest return on investment, and is the second most effective at generating leads.

which video marketing channels drive the most leads

More than half of video marketers plan to use a website for the first time, and 18% of video marketers plan to use a website for the first time in the next five years.

best video marketing channels

3. Email

Nearly half of video marketers use email to share their videos with their audience.

42% of video marketers plan to share videos through email for the first time in 2022, and 11% will invest more in sharing videos through email than through any other channel this year

Social media is the best way to share marketing videos. Which social media apps are best for video sharing?

The Best Social Media Channels for Sharing Videos

1. Instagram

Video marketers will invest a lot of money on social media platforms in the years to come.

most roi generating social channels

Video marketers will be more likely to share their videos on Instagram than on any other platform in the future. For the first time this year, 42% of those who don't useInstagram will share videos on the platform.

which social channels will video marketers invest in

2. YouTube

With 70% of video marketers using it, it is the most used app for video sharing, which is why it is the second most used app.

social media platforms for sharing video

27% of video marketers invest more into sharing videos on YouTube than any other platform. Half of those who don't use YouTube for sharing will do so for the first time in 2022.

3. Facebook

Facebook is used by 60% of video marketers when sharing videos, but it comes in 4th for engagement and lead generation, according to a new study.

video marketing and social media leads

34% of video marketers will share their videos on Facebook for the first time in 2022.

4. TikTok

TikTok has the 3rd highest return on investment and comes in 2nd for engagement, but only 34% of video marketers currently share videos on the app, and only 20% plan to start in the foreseeable future.

social media platforms and sharing videos

Which social media channels have low video performance?

The channels that are the worst for sharing videos are:

If you will pay for ads or share your content organically, it's important to think about that when sharing on social media. Which video marketers are using?

Should you use paid or organic video posts on social media?

More than half of video marketers use a mix of organic and paid content when posting on social media.

paid vs organic video marketing

Now that we know how marketers are sharing their videos on social media, let's compare two of the most common platforms.

Hosting Videos on YouTube vs. Vimeo

We asked video marketers who use both Vimeo and YouTube to compare the two, and not only did they say that Vimeo is more effective for reaching their overall business goals, but that YouTube is better in every category.

youtube vs vimeo

Vimeo is close to being as effective as YouTube for privacy options, storage, video/audio quality, and video player customization, but still lags behind, even though it is the same as YouTube.

What are the Top Content Types for Marketing Videos?

1. Content Showcasing Your Products and Services

Content showcasing products/ services is the most used type of video content and has the highest return on investment of any type of video content. It gets the second most engagement of all content types when it comes to generating leads.

video content with the best ROI

Product and service content will see the most investment of any video content type this year, with 18% planning to invest in it more than any other, while 36% plan to leverage it for the first time.

2. Content That Reflects Your Brands Values

Content that reflects a brand's values is the second most used type of video content.

3. Trendy Content

People don't want to watch videos that are out of date or out of touch, but they are drawn to videos that discuss topics that they are currently interested in. This is the reason that "trendy content" has the second- highest return on investment.

video content types with the most roi and engagement4. Relatable Content

42% of people plan to useatable content for the first time, while 12% will invest more in it than any other type.

content types video marketers will begin testing

5. Funny and Interactive Content

26% of video marketers will use interactive content for the first time in 2022, while 29% will use funny content for the first time.

We are going to look at the different styles of videos you can use.

Top Video Styles

1. Live-Action (Videos Featuring Real Footage)

Live-action videos are the most effective for lead generation and engagement.

42% of all video marketers will invest more in live-action than any other video style, and 45% of them will use live-action for the first time.

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 12.01.14 PM2. Animated Videos

One in two video marketers use animated videos, they have the second- highest return on investment, and are the second most effective for lead generation and engagement.

More than half of video marketers will use animated videos for the first time this year, and 30% will invest in them more than any other video style.

3. Screen-Capture or Screen Recording

The majority of video marketers use screen-capture videos. Screen-capture has the lowest return on investment and is less effective for generating leads.

top video content styles

However, screen-recorded videos will see more use in 2022, with 52% planning to leverage them for the first time and 21% planning to invest more in them than any other video style

We can dive into our research on how to create viral videos now that we know the top formats, styles, and content types.

Viral Videos

It isn't out of reach for you to get one of your videos to go viral.

In order for your next video to blow up, we need to know exactly how they did it.

How to Make a Video Go Viral

Making retable content, keeping videos short/concise, and capturing viewers' attention in the first few seconds are some of the best ways to create a viral video.

top factors for viral video

The top three strategies can be used in a number of ways.

1. Making Relatable Content Means More Engagement

It's important to make your video relevant to viewers. If they comment on your video or share it with a friend, the algorithm takes notice and increases the number of viewers.

2. Shorter Is Better

It's important to keep videos short. Short-form videos are the most popular.

which videos are more likely to go viral

How long is a short form video? According to our video marketing trends report, the consensus among video marketers is under 60 seconds and the optimal length is between 31 and 60 seconds.

3. Capture Attention Immediately

It is the third most effective way to get people to watch a video.

It could be as simple as starting a video with a colorful animation, an intriguing question, showing text on-screen, or even jumping out of a chair to start a video.

Let's take a look at which platforms you should use now that you know the top strategies.

Which Platform are Videos Most Likely to Go Viral On?

Video marketers say that the platforms that are most likely to have a video go viral are:

If you have a social media presence on those three, you can get a lot of attention for a video. If you haven't used them yet, it's time to give them a try.

Which Type of Video Content is Most Likely to Go Viral?

Videos that reflect a brand's values are the most popular.

If you combine these top content types, you can create a funny and on-trend video.

We will look at the different video styles and see which is the most effective for a video.

Which Style of Video Content is Most Likely to Go Viral?

According to 49% of video marketers, live-action videos are the most likely to go viral, but animation is also effective.

Use both if you can. You can keep viewers interested by alternating between live-action and animation with a voiceover.

Video Marketing Benefits & Challenges

Video Marketing Benefits

Creating marketing videos helps customers understand a product/service, gets more engagement than other marketing content, and leads to more sales/conversions than other marketing content.

video marketing benefits

The benefits of this seem to be in line with the goals of video marketers.

Video Marketing Challenges

There is a lack of time to create video content, difficulty in creating an effective video strategy, and inadequate budget to create video content.

biggest video marketing challenges

More than half of video marketers think video marketing is simple.

video content creation experience

More than half of those who started making videos in the past year did so because they were easier to make in-house. In response to the swine flu, 1 in 2 made marketing videos.

why creators started creating videos

Budgeting can be a difficult part of the process, whether you are starting out or have been making videos for a while. Let's take a look at how other marketers are budgeting for their videos

Video Marketing Budgets

A majority of video marketers have dedicated budgets. The budgets look like this.

  • 20% of companies spend over $100K on video marketing per quarter
  • Around 1 in 4 spend under $20K
  • 42% spend between $20K-$100K

Half of the video marketers saw a budget increase in 2022, while the other half saw no change. A small percentage saw a decrease.

Video marketers who saw an increase in their video budget generally got an increase in their budget of over 50%.

2022 video marketing budget increase

Let's take a look at the percentage of marketing budgets that go towards video marketing.

what percentage of total marketing budgets go to video?

42% of companies spend at least part of their marketing budget on video marketing.

How Much Does Creating a Marketing Video Cost?

The majority of marketers spend less than $50,000 to create a video.

With the total cost of making a marketing video in mind, let's look into how much video marketers spend on each step in the video creation process.

video marketing spend allotments

Pre-production and post-production make up 20% of the average video marketing budget. 18% goes to talent and video promotion.

Production is the most expensive part of the video creation process according to 65% of the video marketers we asked.

Let's discuss how long it takes to make a marketing video and which parts are the most time- consuming.

How Long Does it Take to Create a Marketing Video?

A majority of marketing videos are created in 3 weeks or less.

how long does it take to create a marketing video

According to 42% of those who make marketing videos in-house, pre-production is the most time consuming part of the video creation process.

what parts of video creation are most time consumingMore Insights From the HubSpot Blog

Keeping up with the latest trends and marketing strategies is important if you are just starting out with video marketing.

Even though video marketing is one of the top marketing strategies, there are a few others that have even better results.

Check out our Marketing Trends and Social Media Trends research from earlier this year if you want to take your video marketing to the next level.

Are you just starting with video? Our free video marketing starter pack can be downloaded here.

Discover videos, templates, tips, and other resources dedicated to helping you launch an effective video marketing strategy. 

 Discover videos, templates, tips, and other resources dedicated to helping you launch an effective video marketing strategy. 

The story was originally published on June 28, 2022.