You may want to stock up on wireless charging for different rooms in your home or office because the S9 is a great phone and supports wireless charging. Some of the options for wireless charging are better than others. We've highlighted the best options that work with the S9 and include a mix of chargers from various brands

I use and recommend the iOttie iON Mini because of it's low cost. You can top up your phone with wireless fast charging. I love the fabric finish and it never looks out of place in my home, whether it's on a bedside table, in the living room, or at my desk.

If you spend a bit more, you can get the stylishSamsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand, which is even better at a discounted price compared to the price when it first launched. It's a smart option if you love using the best phones and can convert your desk into a stand.