The social media platform that Musk could be buying has 100 million followers.

It shows that he is followed by about 42% of the people who use the service, though that percentage may be different if a lot of those accounts are bots.

Musk is the sixth most-followed person on the social networking site. The top five are listed.

– Barack Obama: 132.1 million – Justin Bieber: 114.1 million – Katy Perry: 108.8 million – Rihanna: 106.9 million

– Cristiano Ronaldo: 101.3 million

Three years after the platform's launch, the CEO of the two companies joined. In that time, he has posted a lot of things. He's gotten into trouble with the authorities because of some of his social media posts.

Since June 22, Musk has not shared anything on the service.

It is unclear if his silence has anything to do with his recent bid to acquire the microblogging service. The deal, which Musk proposed in April but which isn't yet signed and sealed, hit a rough patch earlier this month when a lawyer acting for Musk said that unless they got data on the number of fake and spam accounts on the platform, the billionaireentrepreneur could drop his bid.

San Francisco-based Twitter responded by handing over a huge trove of data, but it is not certain if this will be enough to keep the deal on track as analysts will have to examine the data to figure out the number of fake and spam accounts on the service.

Musk fears that the figure could be much higher than the 5% claimed by the company. If it is, advertisers could leave the platform or demand lower rates, while Musk would likely feel compelled to reduce the value of his offer, or simply walk away.

We're waiting for his next message.

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