Mexico has a wide range of landscape, from steamy jungles and cacti to white-sand beaches and snow-capped mountains. There are different accommodations across the country.

You can sleep anywhere in Mexico, from a converted bullfighting ring to a castle to a VW beetle museum. One of the most diverse countries in the world has many unique accommodations.

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The barrel rooms of the Matices Hotel de Barricas in Mexico
Spend the night in a tequila brewing barrel at the Matices Hotel de Barricas © Courtesy Photo

Matices Hotel de Barricas

There is a field of blue Agave. There are barrels around the plants. The Matices Hotel de Barricas is a "barrel hotel" that is located in the heartland of the Mexican drink tequila.

When you know you're going to sleep on site, it's more fun. There is enough space for a sofa, bathroom, and a private terrace in the interior of each oversized cask, with curved wood-paneled ceilings and air-conditioning. There is a free shuttle bus that will take you to the town centre. The scent of roasting pia reminds you that you could only be in Mexico when you stay here.

Hotel Castillo Santa Cecilia

A castle on the grounds of a 17th century hacienda has been turned into a hotel with four-poster beds. The rooms are rustic with arched doorways and cobbled terraces that lead to rampart walls that look across the colorful houses strewn on the hills of colonial Guanajuato. Air-conditioning and full bathroom are some of the modern conveniences here.

Spanish King Carlos de Borbon and Queen DoaSofia have stayed here, as have famous Mexican and foreign film stars. The charming narrow streets of the town centre are a short drive away if you want to go back to everyday life.

Casa Tiny 

There is only one building near a beach and surrounded by trees. The tranquil house is stripped of visual distraction and has a wide open view of nature outside the windows. The pool and beach are yours alone. You need to walk 10 minutes to Hotel Escondido or take a taxi to Puerto Escondido, which is known for its lesser-developed, surf beaches on the coast of Oaxaca. Casa Tiny is a beautiful place that makes you feel like you are in a museum.

Cabins in the forest at Playa Viva in Mexico
The off-grid eco-luxury resort of Playa Viva is making a name for itself © Courtesy Photo

Playa Viva

The off-the-grid resort of Juluchuca is making a name for itself even though it isn't well known by most visitors to Mexico. Playa Viva is best known for its bamboo treehouse, but it is also committed to sustainable practices.

Playa Viva also offers yoga classes, organizes guests to help baby sea turtles return to the ocean, and arranges trips for guests to volunteer in the same community where the resort's employees live. If you want to reserve the treehouse, be sure to book well in advance because most of the accommodations are private.

Tubo Hotel in Mexico
This is tobuhotel, otherwise referred to as Tube Hotel, the name speaks for itself © Courtesy Photo


The bohemian village of Tepoztln is just 80 kilometers from Mexico City. A popular weekend escape for Mexico City residents, the magical village is renowned for its creative energy, hiking, and Nhuatl tradition. Tubohotel is a budget-friendly, backpacker paradise that is just outside the main city center.

The rooms are made of glass and are stacked up like pyramids. The occasional party atmosphere at the hotel works best for travelers with a good set of ear plugs as tubes are stacked nearby. The shared bathroom may or may not have an internet signal. If you want to arrange a cooking class with a celebrity chef, speak to the hotel staff.

Quetzalcoatl's Nest north of Mexico City
Explore the psychedelic complex of Nido del Quetzalcoatl House (Quetzalcoatl's Nest) near Mexico City © Courtesy Photo

Nido del Quetzalcoatl House

The Nido del Quertzalcoatl is located north of Mexico City. There are 10 private apartments scattered around 165,000 square feet of land, each with incredible views of the garden and connected to each other through tunnels. The estate is close enough to Mexico City to be convenient, but not so close that you forget there is a big city next door.

Quinta Real Zacatecas

The Quinta Real Zacatecas is located near the San Pedro bullfighting ring and is close to some must-visit sites. The on-site restaurant, La Plaza, serves great food and the rooms are spacious. The restaurant overlooks the ring and the old aqueduct.

Stone fireplaces and marble baths are included in the hotel's modern touches. In the evening, the courtyard and stone arches are beautiful.

Eco Camping Valladolid

You can visit Chichén Itz in the Yucatn for a long time if you stay in the province of Valladolid. You can go camping at an eco camping grounds and sleep in vintage vehicles.

In the gardens of Eco Camping Vallodolid, you can find a team of VW Beetles, each a one-off: hot pink with matching hammocks, as an upside bed.

The Seashell House is a fun cottage rental for a family, complete with pool and minutes from Isla Mujeres' lovely beaches © Sean Mezzo / Seashell House

Seashell House

The Seashell House is an actual home for rent on a quiet island in the middle of the ocean. The island is known for its snorkeling, tranquil bike rides, and a turtle sanctuary.

Families and small groups will love this nautical themed home. There is a third room in the house that is listed on the main listing. It is nice that you will not leave the isla. It is possible to reserve this one-of-a-kind stay up to six months in advance.

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