Jon Cooper: 'I think I'll remember this team the most' (4:16)

The spirit of the team will be the reason Jon Cooper remembers them more than other teams. There is a time and a place for this.

1:47 AM ET

They don't believe their dynasty has crumbled despite falling short of a three-peat.

Who told us we're done? Steven Stamkos said after his team's loss to the Colorado Avs in the Stanley Cup Final that they were going to win it. It is here. We have fought. For most of the time, we have found a way to come out on top.

The Colorado team won the Stanley Cup for the first time in over a decade. As the playoffs began, they were favored to win the cup.

Jon Cooper said that it wasn't like they lost to some powder puffs. They're a baller team over there. Home ice was not something we had. The teams we played were star- studded. They were able to find a way. We ran into another brick wall and couldn't get through it.

Cooper agreed with Stamkos that there was more to the story. The Lightning have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final four times in the last eight years.

The streak came to an end. Cooper said that it wasn't the end of their run. I've been fortunate to have won a lot of titles in my career, and those are the teams you remember. You don't always remember a team not winning. This team will be remembered the most by me. It's been known for a long time what kind of warriors these guys are. You should be aware of what's happening with injuries.

Point, who missed the previous two rounds with a lower-body injury, was not in the lineup. Point didn't play in the rest of the series after playing the first two games. A number of other players also played through injuries.

Pat Maroon said that when the injury report came out, you would be shocked. These guys have done a great job over the last three years. We ran a long way. We just weren't good enough.

Ondrej Palat, Nick Paul, and Jan Rutta are just a few of the free agents the Bolts will be looking to sign. The core of the team is under contract for the next two decades.

Cooper said the group belongs among the greatest teams in NHL history even if they don't win three Cups in four years.

He said that these guys are close to the 1980s Islanders and the Eskimos. For a long time, you talk about teams.