The top left corner of the Apple MacBook Pro 2022 keyboar deck on a lavendar background.
It took a while.

On Wednesday, my review of the M2 MacBook Pro went up. Running down the battery is one of the most important things a laptop reviewer needs to do.

I asked the reader. I would leave the device running all night, but I would have to plug it in for testing, abandon it to film, or give it to our video and photo teams before I could fully use it. I didn't have enough time to use the device consistently. That is the length of the laptop.

With the written review and the video review live, and a solid evening and morning with no plans or obligations, last Thursday gave me my first real free time since the review unit arrived. It was time when I got home after dinner. The thing was going to be killed by me. If it was the last thing I did, I was going to drain the battery.

I was going to drain this battery if it was the last thing I did

Some tidying up. This is not the official estimate of battery life. It will be based on multiple trials and hopefully not as weird as what I did here. The battery life test is always a ballpark estimate and I have never pretended it is anything else. One review is not your only data point.

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 2022 seen from above on a lavender background.
The MacBook Pro M2, just sitting there, taunting me that I won’t be able to kill its battery in a reasonable amount of time.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

I should emphasize that I always want my battery tests to reflect my personal workload, so while there are definitely intense things I could have done to kill the battery more quickly, I did take care here not to artificially run anything ridiculous.


Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2022) review: new chip, old threads

I ran it down. I keep a diary of the process. I hope this will give you an idea of what I did on the device as I drained it, and give you an idea of how fast it will drain if you are like me. Please don't tell anyone about it because it's my private diary

I am going to stay for the night. I have a number of tabs open. The screen is at medium brightness. I have a streaming service that plays the "Chill Pop" song. The battery is fully charged. Don't plug. Let's get going.

At 8:20PM, it was still at 100%. The battery meter needs to be double checked. I turn on the night light as it gets dark. Don't judge me because I care about my eyes.

The internet isn't interesting. There is a short story I am working on and it is in a Doc. I really like how fast this thing loads. There are still a number of tabs open.

We are still at full speed. I might have a character die in my short story if the laptop won't die. I have a decision to make.

At 9:00PM, we are at 98%. I'm stressed out by the fear that it could last 50 hours. My Venu is telling me to chill.

A screenshot of the battery meter on the MacBook Pro showing 100%.
Challenge accepted.

The percentage was 95 percent. I think this thing will live. My friend says that it's amazing. The time is 9:30PM.

95 percent. TheChill Pop has come to an end. I moved on to the show. Stay by The Kid Laroi and you will get to hear a lot of music from the young man. Yes. Today was a good day.

When I hit a wall with my story, I leave the doc open. I started running PugetBench for the purpose of feeling something. It is therapeutic to give the benchmark full control of my computer and attempt to figure out what is going on. Is everything in our control? Is it possible that we don't all have obscure graphics being thrown at random footage?

Around 10:30PM, the Gigabyte Aero 16 would be shutting down. The MacBook is not dead. I look around for things that may need to be updated because I feel like I'm not taxing this thing hard enough. I set those downloads off because some of my Adobe apps are old. I play with After Effects for a while because I want to learn more about it.

At midnight, 78 percent of the votes were cast. I tried after Effects, but I still don't know how to do it. I also got through the show. I open all the apps I have at the same time to see if it will slow the computer down. Of course it doesn't. I mess around in the program in order to get some photos to be uploaded to the photo sharing site.

A screenshot of a Today’s Top Hits Spotify playlist.
A true musical journey.

I play Swift Playgrounds 4 because I can't get over how cute it is. Swift Playgrounds 4 is in the background while I teach a lesson. You can't say I'm not working on myself. The screen is starting to feel too bright, but I will kill my eyes if I have to.

The percentage was 73 percent at 12:16AM. I don't have anything to do anymore. There are old K-pop videos on the internet. Is it possible that we went to the festival? A friend of mine. The friend said they weren't going to the festival.

The short story is what I've been looking at. It's getting weird because I'm very tired. I download more Adobe software because I think you should go big. I don't know what Bridge is, but I'm certain I can use it.

The percentage was 63 percent in the early hours. It's time to call it a day. One of my favorites is a Fireplace 10 Hours Full HD video that I leave on YouTube. I fall asleep with the device next to my head. Now is the time for it to be in God's hands.

I wake up because of the New York City 4-D experience. The Macbook Pro is still doing well. I have the morning off, so I start PugetBench to get something done.

I woke up again this morning because I was stressed that I made a mistake in the draft I filed. This is not a big deal. I look through the draft. The mistake was not made. A crisis was avoided. It's time to go back to sleep. The laptop is at 21 percent.

Red, the blood of laptop reviewers who have almost, almost completed their battery run

The red battery was the first thing that came to my mind when I woke up. That red color was wonderful. The blood of laptop reviewers who are almost done with their battery runs is red. The laptop's percentage is 9 percent Everyone is so close to us. It's so close.

It's time to kill this thing. I open a messaging service. I listen to the music service on my mp3 player. There are a lot of things I open, including three different email tabs. I begin to download a game. I click on other reviews that are covered in ads while I work on my computer review. With an eye on the red battery meter, I think it will die within minutes.

The final stretch takes more time than I thought. The M2 MacBook Pro is done after 16 hours and 30 minutes. In the middle of playing Tomorrow X Together's Can't You See Me music video they set a building on fire. I am too tired to find a metaphor in that place.

Don't worry, I'll run it down a few more times to get you a better result.