Employees will be allowed to move between states in response to the Supreme Court ruling. Workers can apply for relocation without justification, and those who manage the requests will be aware of the situation, according to an email obtained by The Verge. Medical procedures that aren't available in the state where they live and work are covered by the employee benefits plan.

The email says that this is a profound change for the country that deeply affects women. Everyone will respond in their own way, whether that is wanting space and time to process, speaking up, volunteering, not wanting to discuss it at all, or something else entirely.

The right to abortion was eliminated by the Supreme Court. According to an analysis published by The New York Times in May, as many as 28 states could either ban or severely restrict access to abortion. Texas had a law that went into effect immediately after the decision.

Tech has been affected by the effects of American politics changing. Flo, one of the most widely used period tracking apps, said it would introduce a new "anonymous mode" in response to the Supreme Court's decision. Employees at some companies have been told not to talk about the ruling.

The Supreme Court's ruling did not change the relocation policy of the company.