The New York Times reported that Meta told employees not to talk about the Supreme Court ruling. The company pointed to a May 12th memo it shared after a draft of Friday's decision was leaked as the reason for the deletion of messages on its internal communication tools. According to a report, the social media giant said it wouldn't allow open discussion about abortion in the workplace because of the risk of creating a hostile work environment.

The employee took to the professional networking site to complain. Comments mentioning abortion are quickly removed from the internal workplace platform. Group of up to 20 employees who follow a set playbook can only have limited discussion. Meta did not respond right away.

Meta told employees on Friday that it would reimburse the travel expenses of employees in need of out-of-state healthcare and reproductive services. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Jackson Women's Health Organization, many tech companies continued with their policy of that.

Meta has tried before to prevent its employees from talking about a topic at work. George Floyd was murdered in 2020. The company banned employees from discussing political and social issues in company-wide channels.