Scottish officials prepare for VAR

Ian Maxwell, the Scottish FA's chief executive, said that VAR will be used in the background before the formal introduction of the system in December.

The system will be used for Scottish games after the World Cup.

The VAR was introduced midway through the league campaign.

He wants it to be introduced as soon as possible.

I don't think waiting is worth anything. Why don't you get that in as soon as possible?

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Training for referees will be finished soon.

He said that they need to test the hardware and software to make sure they are sending the right signals.

The referees need to use it on a match day. It will be run in the background. There will be a number of tests at the stadiums. If it was a live game, there will be VARs at the central hub and they will be doing their job.

The referee will not be asked to review a decision.

Less cameras will be found in England. There will be six. The feedback we've gotten from other nations that have a similar system is that you don't miss a beat.

'It will cause issues' - analysis

Kenny Miller was a former Scotland player.

I understand why it's necessary. I don't like VAR. There will be a lot of debates. It's still open to interpretation, and some situations will go in different directions.

It has a human element to it. Every decision is expected to be right now and not happen. There will be issues after it is introduced mid-season.

Mother Well and former Scotland player.

It needs to be brought in when it is ready. In its good and bad moments, VAR has impacted me.

We're behind the rest of Europe and that's bad for the game. I don't believe it will work out. You are going to have trials and errors.