Ron Johnson said that his chief of staff tried to deliver a slate of electors from Michigan and Wisconsin to the vice president's office.

President Donald Trump and his allies plan to deliver an alternate slate of electors to Vice President Mike Pence ahead of the counting and certification of the presidential election during a joint session of Congress.

The committee displayed a series of texts between Johnson's chief of staff and a legislative aide to Pence in which Johnson's staffer asked the aide where to send the slate of electors.

Do not give that to him, said the aide.

Text messages displayed by the January 6 committee on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.
Text messages displayed by the January 6 committee on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.
January 6 Committee

Johnson's deputy chief of staff said the alternate electors scheme was just a staff to staff exchange.

—alexa henning (@alexahenning) June 21, 2022

Johnson railed against the House committee and its decision to show the text messages between his chief of staff and one of his legislative aides.

Johnson implicated Kelly's office as the source of the push in his own office to give the slate to Pence.

Johnson said on the radio show that this came from the office of Pennsylvania congressman Mike Kelly.

According to a recent report from John Solomon, a Trump campaign official requested Kelly's help getting the alternate slate of electors to the vice president.

According to the report, Kelly tried to get Johnson's help in the alternate electors plot by reaching out to a Wisconsin lawyer who knew Johnson.

The Just The News report was directed to readers by Johnson's office.

The 1/6 committee's witch-hunt is revealed. They put me in a bad light with incomplete and partial information. The record is set straight by this. I have been saying for a long time that it is a NON-story driven by corporate media that is complicit in spreading the lies of the Democrats.

The press secretary for Kelly denied Johnson's claims in a statement to Insider.

Senator Johnson made false statements about Representative Kelly. Mr. Kelly has not spoken to Sen. Johnson in over a decade, and he has no idea what Mr. Johnson is saying.