The real highlight of re:Mars is the dozen or so startup and researchers who show off their wares on the show floor. There are always a couple of cool projects that have escaped our attention. Airrow has a product offering.

A startup is making a device that will remove and replace batteries for drones. It works like a 3D printer, with a gantling that moves along X and Y axes to get the battery from the drone to the charging station.

A human is required to swap and replace the process. It is only slightly inconvenient one to one but can become a major hassle if you scale up.

The system is in its infancy. At the event, the team was showcasing battery swaps and is currently working on extending the process to the next level. Airrow is trying to get the swap down to less than 30 seconds. There is one thing at a time for a small team. Adding to the $350,000 pre-seed it has picked up so far is a big part of the company's plans.

Military use is one of the main potential customers here. They need drones and have a lot of money to invest in technological solutions. According to the founder and CEO, the company has been in talks with the Navy about the possibility of keeping drones in the air. Airrow has talked to many law enforcement organizations.

The solution doesn't cost a lot. A bundle that also includes a drone is currently being considered by the startup.

We want to deliver the end-to-end solution, but we're still looking at what's the best approach. The system will be tailored to meet the needs of the customer.