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On Wednesday, Sen. Cynthia Lummis put her bill on the web.

Lummis said that he would allow comments on his bill establishing a framework for digital assets with Gillibrand. Civil comments are welcomed. Please spread the word. We want this to be perfect. Let us know how we can make policy more public.

The ability to publicly comment on, revise, and fork the text into different versions is one of the tools that is included in the repository for open-sourced code.

Some of the proposed additions to the bill have been made by Github users. One user asked the senators to impose a tax on mining. There is concern about the backing of stable coins.

“This bill would do far more to benefit everyday Americans if its text was replaced with the source code of Doom”

THe more common response has been ridicule. There is an issue titled, "You know you can find someone to do findom using a search engine." There is a title only with the symbol.

A picture of a popular Russian caracal who has gained an internet following under the name "Big Floppa" was included in a related thread.

One user proposed to replace the bill with the source code of the popular first-person shooter. If the text of the bill was replaced with the source code of doom, it would do more to benefit everyday Americans. It's time for the devs to merge.

The Responsible Financial Innovation Act was introduced earlier this month by Lummis and Gillibrand. The bill would give much of the regulatory authority over cryptocurrencies to the Commodities Future Trading Authority.

The bill needs to be approved by a number of Senate committees before it can be considered for a full floor vote. It is one of the most comprehensive attempts so far to bring regulatory clarity to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Gillibrand said in a June 7th statement that digital assets have experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. The United States needs to play a leading role in developing policy to regulate new financial products.