The word "cruise" is being dropped from the name of the company.

The brand will be simply referred to as "Viking", according to the chairman.

"We've taken the word 'cruise' out of our name because 'cruise' has a number of bad connotations in regards to the gigantic ships, the places they visit are unpopular, the noise onboard, which is really not what our guests want to go for."

It's related.

Viking is committed to scientific study.

The viking radgrid and her sisters are sailing to France.

The viking product has river and ocean voyages and now expeditions. Kids, casinos and umbrella drinks are not included in the line's definition. People 55 and older are the target market.

"Cruises" have been removed from logos, direct mail, email marketing, and its main URL. The "Viking Cruises" term is still used in social media.

Progress has been slow since it was announced that it would be changing its name. The word needs to be online for internet searchability.

Viking Saturn floats out

The ninth ship in the Viking fleet was floated out Thursday. The ship will sail itineraries in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. The Viking Neptune and Viking Polaris expedition ships are due out this year.