In her new book, "Escaping Gravity: My quest to transform NASA and Launch a New Space Age," former NASA deputy administrator Lori Garver is revealing some juicy details about the early days of the company.

According to Garver, Musk was inspired to start the company after a Russian engineer spat on his shoes.

It was a turning point in space exploration history. The company built the largest rocket in the world and became the first private company to send astronauts to space.

According to Insider, Garver wrote in her book that he decided to start his own rocket company because he was offended by the act. The spit that launched a thousand ships was the face of Helen of Troy.

Jim said that Musk was mistreated during their visit to Moscow in order to buy space rockets for future missions to Mars.

The documentary aired on British TV network Channel 4 in May. The chief designer spits on our shoes because he was tired of listening to him.

According to Garver's new book, the Russians may have taken offense to Musk's informal attire, and that may have led to the billionaire CEO storming out of the room.

It was on the flight home that Musk decided to start his own company.

Musk has clashed with the head of the Russian space program many times.

After the retirement of the Space Shuttle program, the US had to rely on Russia to deliver its astronauts to the International Space Station.

Musk got the last laugh after cofounding the company. NASA and the US have been helped by the company to end their dependence on the Russians.

Musk joked that the trampoline was working after the successful delivery of NASA astronauts.

According to a former NASA official, a Russian designer inspired Musk to launch his company.

A former NASA official says many people are opposed to the company.