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The NFT NYC conference has brought a lot of web3 enthusiasts to Times Square in an extravagant celebration that stands out against the much-less-exuberantcryptocurrencies. There have been celebrity appearances at the event.

We unpack and explain the latest news, drama and trends on the Chain Reaction show.

On this week's show, we talked about the NFT market and how it might offer a respite from the doom-and-gloom narrative going on in tech. There are two recent news stories about the DAO drama.

There is a lawsuit involving doge coin and the man who is the doge father.

Our guest: Latashá

Latash is a musician and visual artist who uses NFTs to claim ownership of her work and help other artists do the same. She shared that she is the head of community for the NFT platform and that she has hosted a festival experience called "Zoratopia" at NFT NYC.

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