Two Nigerian officials were arrested this week for trying to harvest some of a child's organs for sale.

A Nigerian senator and his wife have been charged with bringing a child to the UK in order to harvest their organs. The Evening Standard in the United Kingdom described the would-be victim as a teenager.

Police said in a statement that a child has been safeguarded and that they are working closely with partners.

Organ harvesting is still a popular global trade according to the Beast.

A hospital in Africa had to issue a statement asking people in the area to stop calling about donating their organs because people were selling them for less than the cost of a meal. In China, the Beast says it's legal to harvest organs from executed prisoners, but experts claim that many of the prisoners were still alive.

This is bad news and there is no other way to describe it.

The world is able to crack down on this grim trade if the child survivor finds a path to recovery.

The doctors have bad news if you can't stand on one foot.