The rumored 2020 release date for the sequel has come and gone, and players don't have it in their possession. The concept art for new maps and a chance to try out the game in the public are some of the things that have been released by the company.

We don't have all the concrete details of the game, but we do know a lot about it. Here are everything we know about the upcoming event.

A team of Overwatch characters advance up a street in Overwatch 2.

The new PvE experience will be launched later on in the game. The most popular mode will be free when it launches on October 4, 2022.


Winston and other heroes looking a little confused.

The game is available on a number of platforms. The first game will be supported on every platform in the second game.

The PC and consoles will likely get the same game on the same day. The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will both have it at the same time.


A new talent system that shows each character their own abilities and skill trees was shown to us during the event. There is a chance that this will be specific to the PvE modes of the game. Some characters are getting a new look. There is a helmet, a haircut, and glowing hair among other things. There are new character designs for each of the characters. The heroes are getting a graphical update.

She has roots dating back to before the launch of the original game, so it makes sense that she would be included in the sequel. She will be an important part of the events that take place in the game.

There are two guns in Sojourn's possession. One is shown as a fast-firing railgun in the trailer, while the other shoots an area-of-effect orb that slows opponents caught inside. She can use the jets on her legs to perform a variety of stunts. She can shoot a piercing shot with her railgun.

The reveal trailer for the release of the game came during the showcase of the game on both consoles. This is where we learned that the game would be free for the first time and that there would be an early access launch in October of 2022.


Tracer, Mai, and other heroes striking a pose.

In the announcement panel and several interviews, Kaplan confirmed that all of the heroes will be in the sequel. The roster is only going to get bigger as the new heroes are added.

The first game in the series is an extension of the second one. All players will operate in the same way, even if they have different game versions. There will be a centralized system for all players.

We don't know what this will look like You might need an external account, but it seems unlikely because of the dedication of the team at the helm of the game. We know that players with different versions of the game will be able to play each other.

The approach affects cosmetics. The first game's cosmetics will be transferred to the second one. The base game doesn't have any new heroes until the sequel launches, but the cosmetic factory is still busy. If you earn rewards from loot boxes, you will get them in the second game of the series.

loot boxes may not be present in the second entry as they have been at the center of the controversy. In an interview with PCGamesN, Jeff Kaplan stated that they are open to changing loot boxes. We are looking at different options that will move us away from loot boxes. Kaplan mentioned a battle pass but not as a replacement for loot boxes.

We don't know much about the new game modes, but we do know about push. A robot pushes a barrier to the other side of the map. The barrier will move forward if the enemy team is pushed back. Push is similar to Escort in that both teams need to protect their stuff.

It looks really good. There are many possibilities because of the focus on two central points. There will be a firefight around each barrier. You can use that to your advantage by attacking from a different angle.

One of the core dynamics of the sequel is going to be changed by reducing the team size from six to five. The director of the game claims that the change was made to make it easier for players to understand what is happening in the game. Overwatch has changed over time. There was no hero limits in the game, but now there is one. Roles were locked over the course of the game. We feel like this is the next step in the game's development.

A competitive change in the game is that there won't be a competitive reset. The game pairs you up against opponents with your rank in mind. If you play the first game, you will be able to translate it over to avoid huge imbalances between veterans from the old game and new players, but it won't go down unless you are inactive for a long time.

You won't have levels anymore but your progression will be tied to the Battle Pass.

There is going to be a new Guild system in the game. They didn't give any details about how these Guilds will work, so it's possible that they won't be ready at launch. Another social aspect the team is working on is tied in with this.

The teams will be limited to one tank character per game. Keller stated that tanks can be problematic. Damage-per-second hero is simple. When stacked with other tanks, a tank's ability to be noisy can cause problems for other teams.

Some familiar heroes will be changed as well. Two character changes have already been outlined. Orisa's biggest changes are her Energy Javelin that shoots a stunning javelin at an enemy, the Javelin Spin that destroys incoming projectiles and pushes enemies back, and Terra Surge, which pulls enemies in, giving you the Forty effects. She won't have any of the protective barriers anymore.

A ping system is confirmed to be added to the game. This will allow players who don't want to engage in voice chat to still have a streamlined way to communicate with their teammates. The options or directions you have will vary depending on what you are looking at, such as an enemy or objective. If they use an ability to go invisible, the ping will turn into a question mark at their last known location. Some of the toxicity of the original can be curbed by this system.

Environment States is a system that will be included in the maps of Overwatch 2. You will get a new feel for maps when you implement different weather effects and times of the day. One match may see you playing a map during the night, another during a snowstorm, or a desert map during a sand storm.

There is a city called Toronto.

PvE modes are not going to be added to the game. There are two types of missions.

Story mode

The story mode is basically a co-op campaign. The players are going to take down the robot. We know that you will be able to pick up items when you play Story mode. You could pick up a barrier shield if you were playing as Tracer. Between missions, the items won't carry over from one mission to the next. Each mission will have a cinematic that leads you in and out of the mission.

Hero mode

There is a hero mode. The missions allow players to take on the same enemies over and over again. Each time you play, enemies and objectives will be thrown in. There is a main draw of this mode. When you play Hero missions, you will earn experience for the hero you are playing, which can be used to improve that hero's ability. We think these buffs are exclusive to PvE.


Genji slashes a robot in Overwatch 2.

The DLC will be the same as the original game. It won't fit the mold of DLC for single-player games. In-game items and cosmetics will likely continue to be monetized by the game as a live game. The first game of the series was free. Two of the three characters that will come in the second season will be support-style characters.

Four years after the release of the game, it is still receiving updates from the company. The players can be sure that the content will be released for the second game.


Mercy and Winston standing side by side

There is no need to pre-order the game since it is free to play. If the PvE mode is available for pre-order, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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