(AP) _ The winning numbers in Saturday evening's drawing of the Wisconsin Lottery's "5 Card Cash" game were: The former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice who was hired to investigate President Joe Biden's victory in the state testified that he deleted records and kept a personal email account even after getting records requests.

After being found in contempt for how he handled records requests from American Oversight, Michael Gableman testified that the person who hired him, Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, should be held accountable.

Vos was not punished for contemp but for how he handled open records requests. The hearing will take place on July 28.

It was clear that Gableman had destroyed records that were contrary to what he said.

Donald Trump pressured Vos to hire Gableman to investigate the former president's loss to Biden. The investigation has cost a lot of money. Two recounts, multiple lawsuits, a nonpartisan audit, and a review by a conservative law firm have all been avoided by Biden.

Gableman's work has faced a lot of criticism. Vos put his work on hold this spring pending the outcome of lawsuits that challenge his ability to subpoena elected officials.

Gableman used his personal email account while working on the investigation at the Milwaukee library. Gableman said he didn't keep the notes he took during the meetings he attended. If there was no pending open records request, he deleted records because they were not relevant to his work.

I don't know if I deleted documents. He said yes.

Gableman said someone in his office deleted his personal Yahoo email account after American Oversight requested records. Gableman did not have an official state email address.

Gableman said that he believed that he had searched the account for responsive records before he deleted it.

Gableman doesn't recall going back. I would have looked at all the email accounts.

Gableman went to the emergency room after going to the election conference hosted by Lindell.

Gableman was disappointed with the lack of substance to back up the claims that the voting machines were interfered with. I was annoyed that I went out and ended up with evidence. I didn't find anything I could use during the seminar.

Gableman said that getting up to speed on how elections work was part of his research.

Gableman answered questions for more than 90 minutes from the judge and American Oversight attorney. Two weeks ago, he made a sarcastic remark about Westerberg when he testified.

Gableman refused to answer questions at the hearing and the judge accused him of being misogynistic. The judge fined him $2,000 a day until he complied with the open records requests and referred the case to the office that regulates attorneys in the state.

Gableman has an appeal pending.

The records held by Gableman's office were not held by the Assembly. Bailey- Rihn disagreed. Vos took steps to purge the contempt order after she found him in contempt for not obeying the records law. The judge asked if he would face penalties under the open records law.

There are three open records lawsuits brought by American Oversight. They are looking for records related to the investigation into the election.