A person using Instagram.A person using Instagram.

In the U.S., new options are being tested to make sure that users are 18 years old.

To address the concerns of lawmakers and parents,Instagram requires users to confirm their age by uploading a photo ID, recording video selfies or asking their friends to confirm their age.

Last year, the mental health of young users of the photo sharing site was criticized. More tools for parental controls were rolled out after backlash.

Age verification will allow them to make sure teens and adults have a good experience.

Yoti, a London-based company that uses artificial intelligence to estimate age based on facial features, will be receiving video selfies from the popular photo sharing website. The technology can only recognize age, according to Meta.

Once the age is confirmed, Yoti and Meta will stop taking selfies.

People are required to give their age when they register on the social network. A minimum age of 13 years old is required to sign up.

Understanding someone's age online is difficult. We want to work with other industries and governments to set clear standards for age verification online. Teens don't always have access to the forms of ID that make age verification simple. We have to find novel ways to verify someone's age when they don't have an ID.