Toyota Vehicles and Headquarters Ahead of Annual Shareholders Meeting

The bZ4X was released by Toyota less than two months ago. The hub bolts on the wheel can loosen, which could cause the wheel to detach. Toyota is telling owners not to drive their cars until the problem is fixed.

The failure of the world's largest automaker to roll out 30 battery-electric models by the end of the century is a result of the recall. The bZ4X, which began customer deliveries less than two months ago, is seen as the tip of the spear in Toyota's effort to shift to electric vehicles.

Toyota says the cause of the loose hub bolts is still being investigated

The cause of the bolts is still being investigated. The bZ4X will be picked up by the local Toyota dealer and a loaner will be provided for free.

I don’t know what this says, but it seems bad.
Image: Toyota

The vehicles subject to the recall were bound for Europe, North America, Japan, and the rest of Asia. Consumers haven't been delivered most of the vehicles.

The bZ4X is the latest EV to get hit with a recall, but it seems to be one of the most serious. The problem with the 49,000 mustang mach-e SUVs could be fixed through an over-the-air software update, according to Ford. Various software bugs and other minor issues have led to the recall of other EV's.

Demand for electric vehicles is rising due to rising gas prices and a growing number of models for sale. Legacy manufacturers are gaining ground with the release of mid-range and luxury vehicles. Thanks to inflation, high demand, and the rising cost of key materials, prices are rising.