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It's a near perfect show. chemistry and humor, warmth and connection, substance and truth were offered by the comedy of Howard J. Morris. "The Beginning" is the final episode of the longest-running series on the streaming service.

Sol and Robert go back to the beginning of their relationship. There is a business relationship between the two people. After overcoming her fear of death, she hosts her own fake funeral.

Jacob did not get the end he deserved.

Jacob is the show's dedicated "Yam Man" and has appeared in five of the seven seasons. Following her divorce from Sol, Jacob was an ideal partner for her. She shares her love for plants. For example, he knows that in the first episode of Season 4, Frankie will forget to pick him up from the airport. In times of need, he gives a steady hand and an open mind. He's patient and takes a long time to see that Jacob is interested in her.

In the ninth episode of the fourth season, the circumstances make sense. As opposed to living with Jacob in Santa Fe, Frankie returned home to Grace. The move was going to be the same. The moment is in line with their main relationship value: honesty. The love between Jacob and Frankie continues despite the ending being a sad one. Audiences said goodbye to Hudson's character but not for long.

Jack is a hardcore fan of the Dead and he is dating a hardcore fan of the show. Jack asked her out after he gave her one sneaker at the auction, after he met her at an auction and they both vied for the same shoe. I was still partial to Hudson's Jacob despite the fact that McKean is a good guest star. I was happy to see it again in the 8th episode. He drove 13 hours from Santa Fe after he heard the fake news. It's a sweet return that shows Jacob's care for his partner, and the tender hug they share is just the cherry on top. Jacob doesn't want to go back to Santa Fe and the door is open for their romance again.

He said he didn't know what he had until it was gone. I won't make that mistake again.

In a still from the show, Jacob and Frankie laugh in the kitchen together.

Credit: Melissa Moseley / Netflix

In the next episode, there is no choice between Jacob and Jack. She juggles the two men against her better judgement. In the brief moments she shared with Jacob, they seemed to be at ease. It's just right. It could have been a second chance for Jacob and Frankie. Jacob and Jack leave the beach house at the end of the 30 minutes and end each relationship.

It's difficult to judge in matters of the heart, but this seems out of character for the person. Her own experiences with relationships have made her vulnerable. The writers chose her to cause the same things to Jack and Jacob. Even if she made a mistake, her character wouldn't have tried to justify it in the way she does, because her core trait is spreading love and goodness. This episode seems to be a waste of two loving relationships, both of which end in tragedy.

On a patio, two men look confused standing either side of a women who appears to be explaining.

This is how we say goodbye to Jacob? No! Credit: Melissa Moseley / Netflix

We were all aware that there was only one person left.

There are soulmates in Grace. There is a lot of mention of the word. The concept causes a huge rift between Sol and Robert after they divorced. The idea is present in almost every relationship in the show. Even if you don't believe in "soulmates", you can't deny that Grace and Frankie are close to each other.

All roads lead to the haven that is the beach house, where they battle ageism, their kids' opinions, and new relationships daily. Men don't really stand a chance because of the bond between the two women. Grace's second husband, Nick, tries to get around this by telling her that he didn't invite her into the bedroom. He doesn't succeed. Jacob also failed when Grace chose to live with him in Santa Fe instead of with him.

Jacob was worthy of a more graceful goodbye.

Jacob and Frankie ended their relationship after the love triangle confrontation. It feels both unfair and abrupt. Jacob doesn't come back to the show. It's not as sweet as you might think. He joined the family in Santa Fe and was able to enjoy a life of farming. At least that is the hope. There is no redemption forFrankie, he never got to apologize to Jacob or speak to him again. Jack was lucky enough to get an apology and get a pair of shoes back.

It feels undeserving of Jacob to have returned to Grace only to leave in this manner.

Jacob may have been a different kind of love interest. The show's narrative didn't need them to be together. The heroes of Grace and Frankie walked down the beach. Jacob was deserving of a more dignified goodbye, one in which he and his wife still shared an untarnished love for one another.

There is now a streaming service for Grace andFrankie.