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A wall has been hit by the e- cigarette company.

The company, valued at as much as $38 billion, staked a precarious path into the spotlight, beginning as a flashy device and eventually billing itself as a public-health tool.

Since then, its valuation has been reduced. Juul products have been banned in the US after a number of scandals.

The FDA ordered that the products currently in the market be removed from the market.

The rise and fall of Juul can be seen below.

A.N. Pritzker Hyatt Hotels
The industrialist A.N. Pritzker in 1982. The wealthy Pritzker family owned the chewing-tobacco giant Conwood before selling it to the tobacco giant Reynolds. They also founded and expanded the Hyatt Hotels chain.
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The funds came from a number of firms.

CNBC reported that Nicholas Pritzker was a member of the board. The chewing tobacco giant Conwood was sold to the tobacco giant Reynolds. The Hyatt Hotels chain was started by the Pritzkers.

The hedge fund Tiger Global and the private equity firm Manhattan Venture Partners bought the stake in Juul from Tao Capital.

M13 sold its shares in the spring of last year.

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FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb
Scott Gottlieb, then the FDA commissioner.

More than 1,300 warning letters and fines were issued by the FDA to retailers who it said were illegally selling e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18. The FDA was able to find the retailers through a nationwide undercover campaign.

Gottlieb said in the statement that the FDA would not tolerate the sale of tobacco products to young people.

Marlboro Cigarettes Altria
Packs of Marlboro cigarettes on sale.
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The biggest investment ever in a US venture-backed company was made by Marlboro and the Parliament cigarette maker. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that gave Altria more of a market share than the other brands combined.

The company had an annual revenue of $2 billion and was given a $2 billion bonus by Altria. It would have been more than one million dollars.

Gottlieb said that the companies were backing away from previous pledges to fight teen vaping.

save room for juul flavor chef weight loss ad
An ad showing a plate of food suggesting that users "save room for Juul."

In a warning letter, the FDA said that Juul wrongly painted its e-cigarettes, known in the industry as ENDS, as safer than cigarettes.

The FDA letter said that the statements were made directly to children in school.

The letter said that the epidemic rate of increase in youth use of ENDS products is amplified by their concern.

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Juul is being sued by four school districts.

Three Village Central in New York is in one of the Districts. According to public documents that Business Insider viewed, the districts argue that Juul created a public nuisance by marketing to kids and misrepresenting its nicotine content.

According to Cindy Ormsby, an attorney for the Missouri case, the lawsuit is part of a coordinated package of litigation filed by school districts across the country.

One of the first school districts to announce that it was going to file a lawsuit was the Kansas City school district.

Damages and legal fees are sought in the lawsuits.

juul sign Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal reported that Juul wants to eliminate 500 jobs by the end of the year.

According to the journal, the cuts are part of a company-wide reorganization effort.

"As the vapor category undergoes a necessary reset, this reorganization will help Juul Labs focus on reducing underaged use, investing in scientific research, and creating new technologies while earning a license to operate in the US and around the world," said KC Crosthwaite, Juul's new CEO in an

On the next day, the Journal reported that the chief marketing officer is leaving.

"Craig has asked to leave Juul in the coming months so that he can look for opportunities at other companies," a Juul spokesman told the Journal.

As a result of Brommer's departure, the CMO position would be cut, according to the spokesman.

An image shows 2015 advertising for Juul products displayed in a print magazine, in this screenshot taken by Reuters from Stanford University's archive of tobacco advertising.
A screenshot shows 2015 advertising for Juul products displayed in a print magazine

The company will no longer sell mint-Flavored Refillable Cartridges or Juul Pods.

The company said in a press release that it would stop accepting orders for the mint-flavoredpods from retail partners and stop selling them online.

Mint and mango were the most popular flavors among high school students who Juul according to new research.

"We must reset the vapor category in the US and earn the trust of society by working with regulators, Attorneys General, public health officials, and other stakeholders to combat under age use," said the CEO of Juul Labs.

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