The social network is testing out new methods for age verification, such as having the user take a video selfies and uploading it to the site.

The way it will work is shown here. If a user tries to change their birth date on the service to be 18 or over, they will have to verify their age. uploading an ID is one of the ways to verify your age.

One of the most interesting ways to do this is to take a video selfies. Yoti is a company that uses artificial intelligence to verify the age of its users.

An artificial intelligence will be able to determine if you are over 18.

Yoti uses anonymous images of diverse people from around the world who have allowed Yoti to use their data and who can ask Yoti to remove their data at any time. Yoti collected data for people under 13 years old.

According to a "white paper" document posted on its website, Yoti says that its artificial intelligence has an accuracy rate of 2.96 years for 6 to 70 year olds, and this accuracy rate gets better for smaller age groups. The company says that gender and skin tone bias is eliminated.

After your age has been confirmed, the image isn't used for anything else, and is deleted after you uploaded a video selfies.

It's a good time to remind you that Facebook has used user data on multiple occasions in the past.

According to the company, understanding someone's age online is a complex, industry-wide challenge, and that many teens don't always have access to an ID, so it's forced to explore novel ways to approach the dilemma.