This is how it ends. Is it possible that Abraham Zapruder was filming from the grassy knoll?

Are we supposed to be angry after all the good times? The lightning may have been done in by a conspiracy of silence.

We hope not.

Jon Cooper said in his postgame news conference that his team may have run out of tomorrows, but let's hope it was just his frustration.

A single defeat away from the end of their reign atop the NHL is what happened to the Bolts in the Stanley Cup final.

The headline is that. It is the news. It is the reality.

Cooper said that he had been part of some heartbreaking losses. I've been with a group that fights and fights. They made it to a third Stanley Cup final. The rules are put against you because of the league wanting parity.

That's what I like about the league. This one will sting more than others because it was taking on. It's difficult for me. It will be difficult for me to say something. I'll talk to you on Thursday. When you see the winning goal, you will see what I am talking about. I feel bad for the players. We should be playing.

Is that what actually occurred?

Is it true? It's probably? It could possibly be.

There is at least one version of the video that shows Kadri jumping on the ice before MacKinnon. The Colorado players celebrate as Kadri scores the winning goal.

The official box score was handed out in the moments before Cooper spoke. The list of players on the ice at the time of the goal is included in every goal.

There are seven players on Kadri's goal That is one more than the rules allow. The league announced in the media workroom that Johnson was not on the ice after removing his number from the list.

The NHL responded in a weak way.

After 1 a.m., the league released a statement saying that no on-ice officials saw too many men on the ice and the play is not subject to video review.

Everyone is left hanging. The referees didn't see a lot of men on the ice, but the league doesn't say if the initial call was correct.

The Avs have a cloud over their victory, the Lightning have bile in their throats, and millions of fans are wondering what happened.

That is a sad shame. This could have been a great moment for both teams.

Even though the Lightning lost, this was the best night you have ever had with this team. The skills, the determination, the selflessness, and the bravery.

Even if the final moments of the game ended in confusion, it was still a fitting farewell.

It wasn't for lack of trying if the Lightning fell short. The owners spent money, the general manager made deadline trades, and the players left their hearts on the ice.

We may have asked too much from them.

It's impressive to get this far without your top goal- scorer from the past two playoffs. Nick Paul isn't completely okay and Nikita Kucherov is hurting.

The Lightning lost a player as the game went on. When Anthony went down with an arm injury, he was unable to take faceoffs.

Steven Stamkos said that they were giving it their all and that it wasn't for lack of effort. It's a sacrifice at this time of year. Everyone in the dressing room knows. You don't always think you know. This time of the year is difficult for both teams.

Guys are playing through a lot of things. Our group is going to fight.

Is the Lightning deserving of a loss in the fourth game? They played so well.

Is it possible that they got cheated out of a win in the fourth game? The Avs had too many men on the ice.

The refs try to get every call right in this fast paced game. So be it if they missed it. There is never a dull day.

Even if they are running out of gas.

This is the first time I've heard of it.

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