The scars and pockmarks of the aging apartments and housing units under the jurisdiction of the New York City Housing Authority don't immediately communicate the idea of innovation NYCHA, the largest landlord in the city and home to 1 in 16 New Yorkers, has seen its buildings crumbling after decades of deferred maintenance. The subsidized housing is in a state of disrepair. It would take at least $180,000 per unit to bring the buildings back to their former glory.

There used to be innovation in the kitchens. The existing fridges in many units were costly and inefficient. The appliance manufacturers were asked to create smaller apartment-size units. The winner was awarded access to NYCHA and sold 150,000 units of its novel Magic Chef model.

NYCHA wants to do the same things. The Clean Heat for All Challenge wants to see low-cost, easy-to- install heat-pump technologies for building retrofits. The agency, the winning company, and society as a whole are at stake.

Retrofitting existing buildings is more sustainable than tearing them down and building new ones.

The must read books.

I scoured the internet to find you the most interesting and fun stories about technology. Amazon wants to use its voice assistant to mimic the voices of dead loved ones. What is the current economic downturn? If the economy goes into a recession, it may not be as bad as thought.

In order to expand into pastures new, it has conquered China.

Fans are reveling in detaching themselves from reality because of the gloomy state of our world.