Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is expected to be named the president of movies by the motion picture industry. After weathering a decade of bad publicity, including the Oprah couch thing, Cruise is back on top. How was he able to do it? It's hard jingoism. People can't get enough of America's war machines Many audience members turn their heads when they see the planes go fast.

Despite stiff competition at the box office this week, Tom Cruise and his F-18 flew Top Gun: Maverick to even higher heights. If the film were released in Russia and China, it would be even bigger than Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, there have been three films that have made more than one billion dollars. The third title is Spider-Man: No Way Home. He can't get to his house. Are you talking from the multiverse? He shouldn't ask his magician friend. Either way, whatever.

In the U.S., Top Gun has earned $474 million and people are seeing it multiple times. 18% of Top Gun's audience have seen the movie more than once, and 4% have seen it more than four times, according to Paramount.

How many more times will people see the movie? The only movies Hollywood has to offer are a couple of them. There is more to be done. The movies have cool airconditioning. The best movies are the ones that are good.

The Hollywood Reporter has a story on it.