The Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard in the Mail app helps users to easily verify emails sent by brands by displaying the brand's logo alongside the email'sheader.

The "Digitally Certified" label can be seen after tapping to expand the email'sheader. The email was verified as coming from the owner of the logo shown and the website.

To display a brand's logo, the sender's domain needs to pass DMARC checks. If the email passes verification, the Mail app queries the internet service provider.

The Chase logo appears next to an email sent by the bank in the Mail app on the iPad, which is an example of a brand that has implementedBIMI. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Fastmail are supported by the group.

There are a number of new features added to the Mail app on the two operating systems, including the ability to unsend an email up to 10 seconds after sending it, scheduled emails, notifications if you forget to include an attachment on an email, and support for rich links.