The nearly completed mega cruise ship Global Dream II will be scrapped because its builder ran out of cash and no one wanted to buy it, according to The Guardian.

Global Dream II and its sister ship, Global Dream, would have been the top record-holders for largest cruise ship by passenger capacity and sixth in the world.

The dreams of a giant cruise liner were shattered when the company that built it filed for bankruptcy and didn't have enough money to finish it.

The company is forced to throw the boat out with the bath water because no one wanted it. The 260,000 ton boat will be removed from the marina and sold as scrap metal since it isn't used for war.

Ghost Ships

In the background of the story is the fact that the cruise market has taken a hit from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The passenger ships have had to deal with a number of coronaviruses related restrictions, shutdowns, and staffing shortages since the beginning of the Pandemic. The stock market continues to fall and companies are struggling to get people back on board.

Global Dream I is said to be safe from the scrapyard. It's for now.

Luxurious submarine for rich people looks just as cool as a space vacation.