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A new world of strategy innovation and enabling companies to leave the constraints of legacy architecture behind is possible thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. There are three new related high- potential strategies that have been added. Examples of companies that are currently using them are given in the article. Three important characteristics are shared by the companies. Their technology, business strategy, and execution are all very close together. Humans are in the driver's seat These companies know that all companies are now technology companies. Farseeing leaders are required for technology-driven businessstrategies. Those who are able to see opportunities will be in a better position to seize the future.

The assumptions about the basic building blocks of innovation are being turned upside down. The power of artificial intelligence at scale is being brought to entities that previously couldn't afford it by the new utility of small data. Humans can teach machines based on their experience, perception, and intuition, instead of using machines to learn. More people can use artificial intelligence based on their expertise.