Kyla has purchased many cars in her life but her latest quest for a vehicle felt more like a competition than a shopping expedition The woman is an office manager and mother of three. She drove off a dealer's lot that is more than two hours away from her home in Dallas in March after seven months of trying to buy a new car.

The distress came in a lot of different ways. She had little leverage because she was known for her haggling skills. She was pressured by dealers of a different brand to buy a used car. She spent a lot of time looking at the online inventories of dealers.

Demand for automobiles is out pacing supply, which is strained by the global shortage of chip. Cox automotive reported that new vehicle sales were the lowest in a decade.

Buying a new vehicle today requires a lot of patience and flexibility. Digital savvy and good fortune go a long way. There are some things you should know if you haven't purchased a vehicle in a while.

You can buy a car from the factory.

If you walk up to the dealership, you can find the car you want. Consider yourself very lucky if that is the case. "Customers looking for a new vehicle should not expect to see rows of vehicles and every trim line on the lots, as in years past."

Cars that make it to dealers tend to move quickly. According to J.D. Power and LMC automotive, almost half of the vehicles would sell in 10 days.

It's important to make a purchase decision quickly and to be willing to compromise. LeeAnn Shattuck, who helps clients choose and buy vehicles and goes by the name "The Car Chick," tells them that the more flexibility they have in terms of colors and bells and whistles, the better their chances of getting something this year.

Slim inventories make it hard for test drives. Buying a car without driving it first is something Shattuck doesn't recommend. She might suggest that clients test a car in a trim level or used one to see how the seats feel and ride quality is. She says renting from Turo could be a solution.

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The third option is to borrow a car from a friend or relative.

Learn about ‘factory order’ and ‘in transit’

People who can't wait months for a new car are buying through alternative means. Customers can order from the factory if they so desire. Many dealerships are handling a lot of factory orders. Cannon says that the majority of the new vehicle inventory has been pre-ordered.

A deposit on a specific vehicle that is in transit from the factory to the dealership is one of the strategies. This status can be found on cars that are advertised on websites.

If you see an in-transit car that interests you, contact the dealership and inquire if it is still available for purchase and if you can put a deposit on it. Many dealerships require non-refundable deposits to be paid in person.

Some dealers might propose a third alternative that Shattuck doesn't like. It's possible to pay a deposit to reserve a car that dealers hope will be allocated, as opposed to a specific one with a vehicle identification number.

They are taking your money without a car. You shouldn't put a deposit on a car that doesn't have a vehicle identification number.

Stuck with the sticker price, or more

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is also known as the sticker price. According to the research firm, buyers paid above the manufacturer's suggested retail price in 82%) of all new vehicle purchases in January 2022.

"If you get to sticker price, that's a good deal," says Ronald Montoya, senior consumer advice editor atEdmunds.

If you are charged for dealer add-ons, such as window tint, paint protection, and filling tires with nitrogen instead of air, you can pay more than the retail price. Shattuck has previously refused to pay for those. It's more of trying to minimize them or at least make them things that are useful for my particular client.

A "market adjustment" can increase the price by thousands of dollars. They are charging you an extra fee because they are able to.

There are positive and negative news about car prices.

There is a chance that dealers will be unwilling to negotiate on these additional costs. You can find a better deal if you expand your search area.

There are dealers that don't mark up their vehicles and will charge you the retail price. Even if I have to drive an hour or two, I would like to shop at those. It is possible to see which dealers are tacking on extra costs.

The good news is that your trade-in values are at a record high, so you may get more than you thought.

She was thrilled that the dealership gave her a trade-in offer that was close to what she had paid for her Honda Pilot.

Shattuck recommends that moles seek trade-in offers from multiple sources. Shattuck says there is room for negotiation.

Don't make a big mistake when buying your first car.

The market will not change soon

Demand for new cars could be affected by rising gas prices.

The supply side of the equation will continue to be messy. As many customers are waiting for their already-reserved vehicles to be built, improved inventory conditions will likely not happen in 2022.

Car buying might not return to the way it was before. Dealerships can get away with having fewer vehicles on site and then charging more for them. Even when things are good, there may be a reduced level of inventory.

The two electric cars just got a price cut.

The happy driver is moles. She thinks her waiting game was great. The car turned out to be what I was looking for.

A Dallas-based business journalist, content writer and ghostwriter is named Mindy Charski. gave permission for this article to be used.

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