Winnie, the startup that helps families find child care, is now helping caregivers find jobs that pay an equal wage. The new child care job marketplace will make it easier for child care providers to hire staff.

Half a million families are without child care because of a staffing crisis at child care providers. The national average salary for caring for children is just $11. Even though child care is one of the most fundamental services for families, half of child care workers are eligible for some form of public assistance.

Winnie wants to raise the bar for jobs in the industry by showing the best local child care jobs that are available. The users include child care providers, providers at other local centers and parents who want to work at their child's daycare center to get tuition discounts.

Winnie founder and CEO Sara Mauskopf said that they wanted child care providers to have mobility and advancement within the industry. It is our belief that by building a marketplace where early educators can compare positions, there will now be some competition that will lead to higher wages and better benefits.

Winnie has a new plan to help childcare centers scale care

Winnie Pro is a subscription service that helps child care centers make more money.

Winnie has a marketplace for child care jobs. Every job that is posted to the platform is reviewed by Winnie's team. Child care providers have to show that they are licensed to join the marketplace.

The jobs marketplace will be similar to the rest of Winnie, with a subscription for daycare and preschool. Any provider can claim a page on Winnie, but they have to pay a monthly fee to get Winnie's full benefits.

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