Tom Mann and Dani Hampson Together

Tom Mann's fiancée died just hours before they were to get married.

The cause of Hampson's death has not been disclosed.

Just days before she died, she posted pictures of herself and Tom with her baby son.

The Pandemic got in the way of the wedding of Tom and Danielle. "I can't wait to marry you, but the world has other plans," she wrote.

A video of Tom, a member of the group Stereo Kicks, singing "Cold Heart" was posted on the internet.

She used the song to wish the man a happy birthday. She wrote, "I played this song almost every day of my 3rd trimester, I was determined for it to be our song and for it always remind us of life's good bits..."

Tom called her the "brightest light in any room" and said he would miss her. He told his followers that his best friend and the love of his life died in the early hours of June 18. The day was supposed to be the best of our lives.

He said, "I am completely broken trying to process this and I honestly don't know where to go from here, but I do know I have to use any strength I can muster for our little boy."

Tom was a member of Stereo Kicks, a band created by the producers of 'X Factor'.

The man was 34 years old.

I am sad.