Draymond trolling, Curry mic drop: The best of the Warriors' parade (1:50)

The Warriors celebrated their championship in a parade. 1:45

7:47 PM ET

Two years have passed since the Bay Area hosted a championship parade, but neither the city nor the Warriors forgot how to celebrate.

Stephen Curry jumped on top of a banister and hit a sign at the train station.

Blue and gold confetti rained down as chants of "M-V-P!" echoed from every direction.

After pointing out a sign that said "Ayesha can cook," she sprayed champagne on her husband. Curry and Damion Lee popped their own bottle to shower the fans that were in their path.

Curry spoke to a small crowd of team and arena employees at the pre-parade rally. All those things matter, the life that you give us, the inspiration, all those things. It's all about that. Giving you something to cheer for is what entertaining you guys is all about. It's giving us the chance to do things that haven't been done before in the history of the Bay Area, and it's also giving us the chance to represent the entire Bay Area. We are going to have a parade in San Francisco.

It didn't take long for the Warriors to get to the fans that had been waiting for them since before sunrise.

Klay Thompson did a Michael Jackson-inspired dance behind the Larry O'Brien trophy after placing it on the ground. He ran high-fiving and dancing with any fans that ran alongside him after he picked up the trophy.

Jordan jumped off his bus with a Super Soaker water gun and a pool float. He ran up and down the barriers in front of Market St. He took his friend's camera and started taking pictures and videos.

He said pool parties were all summer long.

He grabbed a fan's bottle of champagne and sprayed it into everyone's faces.

Gary Payton II walked the majority of the parade. He said before the parade that he was going to "go full JR Smith" during the parade, a reference to when Smith was shirtless for the whole parade of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He dropped his shirt early in the day.

Draymond Green said seeing the guys who won it the first time brought him the most joy. You always want that first feeling back. The only way to get it again is to feel it through those guys.

Green appeared to be able to get that feeling back. Green stood in the middle of the street and made a gesture at the crowd. They responded by yelling, "F---, Draymond," a nod to the chants that Boston Celtics fans shouted at Green.

Green allowed a fan to throw a bottle of champagne on his head. He took a break to get some ice cream.

After two years away from the top spot in the league, the Warriors wanted to enjoy the moment as long as possible. Warriors' fans did the same.

People sat in trees, on top of lamp posts and out of windows.

People jumped the barriers to get a good look at their favorite players. As the buses approached the end of the route, crowd containment seemed like a foreign concept as fans poured into the streets.

No one thought about it.

Green said this has been an amazing year. Nobody could stop us from winning the championship.