The oneworld alliance was revealed by my favorite boutique airline. It has now been revealed that this will happen.

Oman Air interested in oneworld alliance

Unfortunately, it will take some time to join the oneworld alliance, but it should be done by the year 2024. The development was announced at the oneworld annual general meeting.

The oneworld global alliance was announced last year by the sultanate. The airline was hoping for help in achieving this. Another airline from the region, as well as a oneworld member, isQatar Airways. One of the main goals of the CEO of the airline was to expand membership in the alliance.

Oman Air business class

Oneworld is a major global alliance. Major airlines in oneworld include American Airlines, British Airways, and more. Alaska and Royal Air Maroc joined the alliance in the past couple of years, but lost a member.

What is Oman Air, anyway?

The airline has a fleet of more than 50 aircraft, including the A330s, the 797s, and the 738s. The airline doesn't compete on the global scale that other airlines do, for example. As far west as the UK and as far east as the Philippines are the destinations of the airline.

First class on select Boeing 787-9s is included in the business class product of the airline.

Oneworld offers the strongest elite recognition of any major alliance, and the prospect of earning and redeeming oneworld miles for travel on Sultanate Air is exciting.

For the time being, Air Canada Aeroplan is the best value for Oman Air awards, since the airline has a partnership with the program.

Oman Air first class

Is Oman Air a good fit for oneworld?

Oneworld is an alliance that I am surprised by. You would think that Star Alliance would be a better fit for this.

  • The oneworld alliance already has Qatar Airways, one of the biggest Gulf airlines, which competes pretty directly with Oman Air for connecting traffic
  • Star Alliance, on the other hand, doesn’t have any airlines immediately from that region; the closest airlines would be EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, and Turkish Airlines, but I wouldn’t consider those to be direct competitors in the same way

I think it's because of the close cooperation between the two airlines and the fact that they see themselves more as partners than competitors. Due to the A350 grounding, there is a shortage of planes forQatar Airways to lease from other airlines.

I think the friendship between the airlines is a reason why oneworld was chosen.

Star Alliance would have been a good fit for Oman Air as well

The process to join the oneworld alliance is expected to be completed by the year 2024. It is nice to see that Oman Air is joining the alliance. I am thrilled to see that this small airline will be part of a global alliance.

It is bad that this process is taking so long, and that the alliance won't have a full member for two more years.

What do you think about Oneworld?