It's probably time to return to Thailand. Demand for travel is off the charts and people want to go somewhere.

Despite being a stunning destination with incredible value for money, people haven't returned as expected.

It is easy to explain that it is a surprise to bureaucratic officials in the Thai Government. Thailand has more obstacles to overcome than their neighbors. That is almost completely different.

Thailand is dropping the last three obstacles to visit, and from July 1st, the experience will be even better.

Thailand To Drop Pass, Outdoor Masks & Health Insurance

The Thailand Pass for visitors will end on July 1st, 2022. The pass has improved recently, but it still remains a problem. The country will no longer require visitors to have a pass or proof of health coverage in order to visit.

Go and book a ticket.

The hassle of getting coverage for entry was a big hurdle for many. Adding in the need to get a Thailand Pass made most people look somewhere else. That's the end.

The frustrating part of the visitor experience for those who don't make the trip is ending in Thailand. There will be no outdoor mask requirements in Thailand from July 1st. Stress free movement will be allowed in virtually all of Thailand.

It is not fun to wear face coverings outdoors when it is as hot and humid as it is in this Southeast Asian gem. There are face covering requirements for indoors. Check the requirements for Thailand.

Great Changes For Thailand

The times before 2020 were easy to travel in Thailand. When you book an airline ticket, you spend 200 hours looking for a hotel, and then you go.

You won't need anything else from July 1. Many airlines are selling seats to Thailand. It is a great value destination due to the low travel prices in Europe and the US. Alright, off you go.

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New entry protocols for Thailand will come into effect on April 1st, 2022. Passengers won't be required to take a Covid-19 test before leaving. There is a very large and intimidating catch.

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