According to Musk, he doesn't care about being the company's CEO.

Being CEO requires a lot of work. In a recording of the meeting reviewed by Insider, Musk said he wanted to make sure the product evolved quickly and in a good way.

I don't care what it's called. People need to listen to him.

At his companies, the billionaire has said the same thing about executive titles. The SEC shows that in March of 2021, Musk named himself "Techno King" and Kirkhorn "master of coin"

At the Wall Street Journal's 2021 CEO Council Summit, Musk said that all of the other titles were made up. General counsel is a made-up title, CFO is a made-up title. They don't mean much.

Musk said at Thursday's all-hands meeting that he is more focused on engineering and production at his companies than on administrative and operational responsibilities. The billionaire wants to focus on the app's software and design if the deal goes through.

He expects people to listen to him if he says "Hey, we need to improve the product in the following way and add these features"