The UK holiday is no longer the bargain break it used to be because of the high costs for accommodations, travel and food. According to research by Guardian Money, taking a trip overseas won't cost you a lot.

A trip across the Channel could be cheaper for a family travelling from London. It would cost a lot more to fly to Spain, but the promise of better weather will make up for it.

The cost of summer holiday accommodations in France and Spain has gone up at a faster rate than the price of stays in the UK, according to figures.

A couple seated on deckchairs enjoy the view of Brighton

Britons think twice about going to overseas destinations.

The average price of lodgings in France during June to August this year is £126 a night, compared with £106 during the same period in 2019. It is an increase of over 18%. The average price in Spain has gone up by 16%. The Costa del Sol has seen an increase in average prices.

According to Trivago, the average increase of 12% over the course of the year is not bad for the UK, which will see an average increase of $110 this summer.

It might not be a surprise if we see families reconsider plans to go abroad after airlines cancelled hundreds of flights
Which? Travel’s Rory Boland

According to data provided to Guardian Money by the hotel tech provider, average UK hotel prices are up 10% on last summer as hoteliers grapple with the same cost of living issues that households are facing.

The average cost of flights to mainland Europe has decreased since the beginning of the year. The average cost of a summer holiday flight from the UK to mainland Europe in August this year was £92 compared with $182 in the previous year. The routes from London Stansted to destinations like Venice and Barcelona were cheaper in the year 2022.

A holiday in the sun can be a little further away.

However, as an editor. Travel says: "It might not be a surprise if some individuals and families reconsider their plans to go abroad after airlines cancel hundreds of flights and consumers face widespread disruption at airports."

It's not a straight forward picture.

The price test was based on a family of four. Trips to Le Touquet in northern France and the Mlaga area of Spain were priced up by us.

A man fills his car with fuel in London

As fuel prices rise, driving distances may play a part in your holiday decision. Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

We were able to find similar properties in Le Touquet and Brixham for the same price.

When calculating the cost of a trip, the distance you will be driving is an important factor. You would pay more for driving from London to Devon and back than you would if you went to northern France and then home.

There are many websites that can help you budget for this part of your trip. You can use the online mileage and fuel calculator from the RAC to find out how much a trip to the UK will cost. Motorists can type in their destination in France, Spain or wherever and ViaMichelin will suggest a route and calculate the estimated fuel cost for the journey.

The cheapest petrol stations along your route can be found on websites such as fuel and

Holidaying in the UK

Most UK holidays are more expensive due to higher energy costs in the hotel or cottage you might be staying in, as well as higher catering costs making food and drink more expensive when eating in a restaurant, according to Paul Charles, the chief executive of the travel consultancy the PC Agency.

He says that the demand for UK holidays has been strong since the Pandemic began. It is important to balance the higher UK cost with the fact that you will usually have cheaper travel costs.

You may be able to save money if you check out lesser known locations. It asked members to rate seaside towns and those with an average hotel rate of less than $100 a night were included.

One of the best large chains is the budget player Premier Inn.

A surfer walks through the sea as he returns to the shoreline at Filey, North Yorkshire.

Which? says Filey, North Yorkshire, has an average hotel rate of £100 a night or less. Photograph: Richard Saker/The Observer

Sally Akins says you can sometimes get a better deal by booking over the phone. She suggests using a comparison website to narrow down your choices and then calling to make your final booking.

When it comes to food and drink, markets, street food stalls, food trucks or picking up a picnic lunch at a supermarket can save you a lot compared with eating at restaurants, according to JulieFalconer.

Ferry to France

It is easier to find deals and compare prices on the large number of ferry comparison and booking websites.

The cheapest way to get to France for many people living in the UK is to use the ferry crossing from the UK to the country. Depending on where you live and where in France you are travelling to, some may choose to sail from Newhaven, Pompey, or other places.

The cheapest way to cross the Channel at the moment is over-Calais.

A P&O ferry at Calais, France.

You can use ferry comparison and booking websites to plan a trip. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

It may be worth looking at both options, as the cheapest return on that route was $184 and the one we chose was $3 cheaper.

The price of going on the Eurotunnel on those dates was more than four times the quoted price.

Late night/ early morning sailings are usually cheaper than daytime ones.

For a car with a family of two adults and two children, we asked Direct Ferries for the lowest return sailing this summer. The answer is that the Irish Ferries will leave on July 27th and return on August 3rd.

If you follow the French way of holidaying, you can find ski apartments or gtes de France that are reasonably priced. She wrote a piece for the Guardian called France on a budget: an expert guide to holidaying like the French.

In the summer, there is a lot of business accommodations that are cheap and you can find them at apart hotels.

Eating out is cheaper in France than in the UK according to a newsletter written by a woman.

You can fill up on bread, cheese, charcuterie, fruit, and other items in the evenings when the menu is less expensive. The crperies in northern France offer really filling, healthy meals for less than 6. It's part of the reason I love Brittany.

Flying to Spain

If you have some flexibility about when you can go, sites such as Skyscanner have calendar tools that will show you the prices for your trip every single day.

If we had changed our dates, we would have paid less for our flights. Less than a few minutes after we were quoted, the price went from $554 to $574.

A group of four people could expect to pay up to £192 to reserve standard seats together on certain flights, but the majority of passengers who did not pay extra said they were given seats together. If you are travelling with young children, you won't want to be separated from them.

A plane takes off

Which? found that the average cost of flights to mainland Europe has decreased since 2019. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

Increased demand and lower stock prices have led to an increase in the cost of car hire. It recommends booking your car hire two months in advance if you want to get the best price.

The Post Office looked at the cost of eating out in 36 destinations around the world and found that Spain scored well.

The Costa del Sol in southern Spain has a typical price for a three-course meal for two of 42%. It is more expensive than the Algarve region of Portugal, but less expensive than Nice on the French Riviera or Puglia in southern Italy.


UK by car

The town of Brixham in the south of England.

A week's holiday for a family of four with CarRentals.

The fishing town of Brixham, Devon

The fishing town of Brixham, Devon. Photograph: Loop Images/Craig Joiner/Getty Images/Passage

The price of a gallon of petrol is £59.

There is a sweet looking two-bedroom cottage close to the harbour that is available for just over a hundred dollars a night. The cheapest hotel or inn on was over $1,000.

The average daily cost of food and drink in the UK is $30.

France by ferry

It's called Le Touquet, pas-de-Calais.

A family of four can go on a holiday for a week at a cost of $775.

The dunes and waterfront of Le Touquet-Paris Plage, France.

The dunes and waterfront of Le Touquet-Paris Plage, France. Photograph: Eyewave/Getty Images/iStockphoto

P&O Ferries has a cheapest return ferry cost of $184 The cheapest way to get to Dunkirk was by ferry. There are two adults and two children in this picture.

Road tolls of $5.40 were added to the petrol price.

The average nightly price for an apartment in the area is more than two hundred dollars. The cheapest place to stay in the town was a two-bedroom wooden townhouse that was available for £69 a night. prices start at $778 for a studio with one double bed, two bunk beds and a balcony 10 minutes away from the beach. The cheapest hotel on was for a week's worth of food and drink.

The average cost of a meal in France is 33

Spain by plane

Costa del sol.

The cost for a family of four to go on a holiday is more than 2000 dollars.

People enjoy a day at La Malagueta beach, Málaga.

People enjoy a day at La Malagueta beach, Málaga. Photograph: Europa Press News/Europa Press/Getty Images

The cheapest return flights cost £554. Economy baggage is not included in the flights between Mlaga and Luton. Mytrip would make the booking

The hire car cost is divided into two categories: the economy car and thecompact car.

There is a petrol station at the Mlaga airport.

There are trains going to the airport.

The nightly price for an apartment in the area is $316. When you move down the coast to Torremolinos, Benalmdena, you'll see prices go down. The site said it was 23 miles inland, but there was a two-bedroom apartment for $845 per week. prices for a well-reviewed two-bedroom apartment with a balcony started at 1,111 for the week, which is 18 minutes away from the beach.

The average cost of a meal in Spain is 32


A family of four, two adults and two children, will be travelling from London. We used the Guardian's address in King's Cross to give an address. The examples are based on leaving and returning on the same day.

We used both websites to cross the channel. The hire car costs were obtained from TravelSupermarket and the estimated food costs were from Budget Your Trip.

We used the Nissan Note as a reference. A French price of 2.11 and a Spanish price of 2.12 are included in the calculations. The routes and fuel usage were calculated.

Fees for currency conversion weren't included.