The stock controller for the PS4 is good but there are a lot of other options. If you're looking to spend some money on top quality or less expensive, we have options for you.

Astro In Case

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The controller's name stands for tournament ready and it's perfect for competitive gaming. The components needed to modify your controller are included with the Astro C40 TR. If you want to further refine your experience, you can choose the height of your caps.

You can save button configurations and settings with the software. You can swap profiles on the controller in a second. The controller has a battery that lasts for 12 hours and you can swap between modes with the touch of a button. Don't forget to attach the peripheral wireless transmitter as the controller doesn't useBluetooth.

A travel case and a six-month warranty is what ASTRO wants to make the investment more manageable. The biggest weakness is that the battery can't be easily replaced. There could be a more premium option by then.


DualShock controller

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If you're happy with the way your PS4 handles, but want a cooler looking controller, you can stick with the official Sony DualShock and choose from a wide selection of different colors and styles. You have more options now that the manufacturer has released more looks.

The PS4's default controllers are a good choice since they will survive being dropped a few times and have built-in speakers so you can plug in headphones. You can save and share videos with just the press of a button, which is great for social gaming.

It is not as comfortable as some models. It has a mediocre battery life due to the fact that the micro-usb used for charging is not compatible, and you won't get any charge if you don't hook it up right.

Nacon Revolution Pro V3

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Some people like the PS4 but wish it had the same controller as the XBOX One. The Nacon Revolution V3 is a great option to try because it's more ergonomics. The controller is well-designed for fighting games, with an eight-way directional pad, as well as dual analog Trigger and shoulder buttons.

A compartment that stores weights will allow you to adjust the balance to your liking. Interchangable stick heads are also included. The controller supports wired and wireless modes.

TERIOS Pro Controller

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One of the best controllers that the company has to offer is the TERIOS gaming pro controller. The inclusion of two extra buttons on the rear of the controller is one of the main features of the controller. The feel of its face buttons andtriggers are very good. TERIOS has a 10 hour charge.

The light weight of the controller helps reduce fatigue. It can be used on all models of the PS4 and is available in a few different colors. The stick is not an option, but the extra buttons allow for some personalization.

Hori Mini Wired

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If you're trying to get your kids into gaming, you might want to consider using a controller that has buttons for adult hands. With an easy grip and layout that's 40% smaller than the standard dual shock, the HORI Mini wired gamepad will eliminate frustration. You don't have to worry if your children are rough with it because it is cheaper.

The Mini can be attached to your console with a 10-foot cable, which should give your kids plenty of space, but also prevent them from losing it in the couch. The controller doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but as an introduction to gaming, it will do well.

Nacon Wired Compact Lifestyle

Source: Nacon (Image credit: Source: Nacon)

If you're looking for a controller that's cheaper than the official one, the Nacon wired compact is a good choice. The speaker and wireless connection are lost, but the essentials for playing most games are still present.

The face buttons are larger than the standard controller, which makes it easier to use. The controller captures the general visual appeal of the original and manages the fact that it isn't wireless. There is a wide range of colors to choose from.

There are many PS4 controllers to choose from. If you're using a PS4 versus a PS4 Pro, everything listed here will give you a wonderful gaming experience. The ASTRO gaming C40 TR allows players to fully personalize their experience by choosing the height of stick caps and changing their button inputs, which is something we want to highlight.

You can't call it cheap. You get a controller that you can modify until you find the right one. You can remap the buttons and save them for future use.

If you can't afford it or you want a more premium experience, check out our other picks. You should examine the best PS4 controller phone mounts if you want to use them with your phone.