When you try to watch a video on your phone, it keeps freezing because your phone doesn't have a stable connection, it's the most annoying thing.

No matter what phone or setup you have, you're likely to have a wi-fi issue. There are a number of ways to fix a signal that isn't going away.

Why your iPhone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi

There are many reasons why your phone won't connect to the internet, but most of the time it's related to the phone or the computer.

If you connect a laptop, game console, or other device to the router, you can figure out which one is connected to the internet. You can focus on the problem if they keep disconnected. If they stay connected, the problem is most likely the Apple device.

It is possible to connect the phone to a different network if it is the phone. You could use this at home or school. It's the phone if it doesn't work there. If it stays connected, it's the routers.

What to do if your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on your iPhone

Don't rule out the easiest fixes.

  • Make sure you haven't accidentally put your iPhone into Airplane Mode.
  • Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on.
  • Make sure you're not out of the router's network range – try moving closer to it just in case.
  • Check that you're connecting to the right Wi-Fi network, and have the right password.
  • If there's an update available for iOS, install it.

If any of the above solutions don't work, it's time to investigate. If you focus on where the problem is coming from, you don't have to try them all.

1. Make sure your router is working properly

If the lights on the device aren't normal, open the manual or the app. If it isn't in the manual or app, contact the manufacturer for help.

2. Power cycle the router

You don't need to be intimidated by the name, power cycling your routers is very easy and can resolve the problem you're experiencing. Plug the modem into the power outlet and wait at least 15 seconds to power it down, then switch it on again.

3. Update the router's firmware

You don't need to do anything if you're sure that your routers updates itself. If it hasn't been updated in a while, you should update it by going to the control panel on a browser or using the mobile app.

If you can't see any available updates, it could be that your routers is too old. You won't be able to say that the issue is an outdated one. Should you buy a new one?

All five of the top wireless routers for 2022, including Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link, and Google. Google, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link; Isabel Fernández/Insider

If you want to upgrade your internet service, we recommend one of the best wi-fi routers.

4. Turn off devices that cause signal interference

If the devices and appliances in your home use the same 2.4 GHz frequencies, they can cause interference with your internet connection. There's no room for your phone in these devices because they can over-crowd the band.

If you're able, turn them off. The 5 GHz frequency is less crowded and can potentially give you a boost in internet speed.

5. Restart your iPhone

An iPhone screen showing the “slide to power off” slider at the top.

To power off the phone, drag the power icon to the left. Ionescu is aInsider.

The simplest solution is to turn off the phone.

If you can't get your phone to connect to the internet properly, you can restart it and get it working again.

6. Forget and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network

If your phone is trying to connect to the right network but it isn't doing so well, you can forget the network and rejoin it.

This is the first thing. The settings app needs to be opened.

There are two To use the wi-fi, you need to tap on it.

There are three. Next to the name of the network you're connected to, tap the "i" icon.

There are four. Don't use this network.

The settings of a Wi-Fi network on an iPhone, with the “Forget This Network” option highlighted.

Don't even think about the network. Ionescu is aInsider.

There are five. Tap Forget in the pop-pop that shows. You can return to the settings screen.

There are six. You can join the same wi-fi network you forgot by tapping the name on the pop-up.

There are seven. To join, you have to enter the password and tap on it. If the network is strong, you should come back.

7. Reset your iPhone's network settings

I don't know if there was no luck. Next, you can change the settings on your phone.

This is the first thing. The settings app needs to be opened.

There are two You can tap on the general.

There are three. If you scroll down, you'll see the option to transfer or reset the phone.

The General settings on an iPhone, with the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option highlighted.

If you want to transfer or reset the phone, tap it. Ionescu is aInsider.

There are four. You can reset at the bottom.

There are five. You can confirm the reset by entering your phone's password on the pop-up.

No data or apps will be lost when your phone restarts.

8. Turn off VPN

It could be the reason your phone doesn't work when you connect to the wi-fi network through a virtual private network. If it is an app, turn it off from within, but if it is in the settings app, follow the steps below.

This is the first thing. The settings app needs to be opened.

There are two You can tap on the general.

There are three. If you scroll down, you'll find a link to PureVPN and device management.

The General settings on an iPhone, with the “VPN & Device Management” option highlighted.

You can go to "VPN and device management." Ionescu is aInsider.

There are four. You can change the status from Connected to Not Connected by turning off the switch.

9. Reset your iPhone

If you've tried all the software tricks you can think of, it's time to reset the phone to its factory settings.

Resetting it will give you a brand new iPhone, as far as software is concerned, and may just get rid of the disconnected from wi-fi issue.

If you want to wipe out all your data, be sure to back up your phone. You will be able to restore what you need later.

10. Contact your ISP or Apple for support

If you've done all this and your phone still can't keep a stable connection, it's time to contact either your internet service provider or apple support.

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